It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to alpine heaven. A dream destination. Let’s visit beautiful Switzerland.

Switzerland is a place we haven’t been able to visit since 2015. But it is still so special to our little family. One day we will return.

The weather has been awful here in Yorkshire. Day after day of damp, misty greyness. I so need to experience colour again. To breathe in that fresh mountain air. To experience being alive again. So let’s spend a few moments drinking in the colours of Switzerland.

Take care.

58 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Well, it’s smugglers, excisement.. I don’t know any of them would yodel…..Hell, i don’t even have the uncover exciseman posing as a smuggler angle this time. IF only. Then They could have been a Swiss yodeler….

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  1. Beautiful, as always, but can’t help but wonder how they managed to get that cross up there, couldn’t have been easy. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos. I hope this week will bring color into your home. Blessings, and more blessings for you and Hawklad.

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      1. Aw, wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in a little luxury right now? Tough year for sure and though I try to remember to be thankful for my blessings (of which there are many) there are times it all gets me down. Then I come to WordPress and read posts like yours and other upbeat and pleasant people and I feel better. Still, a little luxury would be nice once in a while. LOL

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