I sneaked out for an early dog walk. That way Hawklad doesn’t go into Quarantine meltdown. For me and the dog. One thing about our son is that he is so predictable in a morning. After 3am that’s it he is asleep and doesn’t wake up until just before 8am. One of the advantages of the school at home project. This has been pushed from 7am. Much more natural for him, much less forced.

It does allow for a dog walk but sadly no run. Captain Chaos goes into bark mode when I try to sneak out without him. And it’s just a big fat NO to trying to run with Captain Chaos. He’s a dog that doesn’t believe in going in the same direction as the person with him.

But a dog walk is something. It’s a little win. We take any wins these days.

You might not be able to tell but it’s absolutely chucking it down with a howling Gale. But at least some of the mist has been temporarily blown away. Very squelchy under foot.

While someone had a little constitutional in the field I decided to play with the panoramic mode on my phone…..

This field is our sledging slope. Only ever seen us two use it really. Will it get used this year or next? Doesn’t feel like snow. But here hoping. That would be another little win.

52 thoughts on “Here’s hoping

  1. We grumble about everything here. The wait at the traffic lights. Mud on the car tyres. A slightly long queue. We wouldn’t last a day in your life. You have so little and take on so much yet without fail, you go looking for the sun each day.

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  2. Your lovely tree is quite a lot like my lovely tree and your weather quite often matches ours. We should be snow-covered this time of year but I’m beginning to think Winter is not coming this year. Perhaps it will start late and go on till June. Every day is a surprise!

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  3. Yay! A sneaky walk! Major Win!💃🏼✨🎉🌠 Did you give the tree a hug? It’s missed you, ya know 😉
    I hope you get all the snow you need for fun sledding! We get snow in the mountains, but not down in our valley… thank goodness! Snow is perfect for visiting, but I wouldn’t want to live with it. 💌💌💌

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  4. Wonderful scenery, as always!!

    My little partially tamed feral kitty was having a mewing attack on my porch early this afternoon. I don’t know why… never done to before and there was nothing there.

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