And finally……

Yes Yorkshire can have the sun. Ok I was slowly sinking into the mud but it was still nice. The problem with waterproof trail running shoes is that they work until the mud reaches the top of the shoe. Then it’s wet feet time…

I was writing to school to tell them that we would not be making a decision about dropping French until after Christmas. Then a thought hit me. Yes I have them occasionally. And this one didn’t involve cheese and onion crisps.

Hawklad has not been in school since March. Up to July he was like all his other classmates. After September he has been at home while his classmates have returned. I’ve had the occasional email asking if he needed anything from one teaching assistant. And one of the teachers has wrote asking about our decision on French. But that’s it. No one asking about his well being. No one asking when he’s coming back. No one asking about how much schooling he does each day. No one asking if I’m working on his dyslexia. No one asking about his Aspergers. Or his ADHD. Or his dyspraxia. The paediatrician hasn’t seen him in over two years.

Here’s the thing School only contact us after I email them. The health services only contact us after I hassle them. What would happen if I stopped making contact…..

In our case it’s not a real issue. But there will be kids out there struggling. In need. At risk. Is anyone checking on them.

I suspect not. That’s what happens when you cut services back to the bone. When you try to outsource everything.

Definitely an unsettling thought.

35 thoughts on “And finally

  1. That is unsettling. We have something similar. D is thankfully in a lot of different services, but when he was at home not one of them asked how he was actually doing at home. Their only concern was how he was doing during his time in their meetings. They didn’t see all the behind the scenes – all the work it took for us to get him into the zoom meeting or do the work at home. I know what we went through and how distant we were from his services. I can only imagine how it must feel like you are on an island with Hawklad’s school! Thinking of you! x

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  2. Government should never take money from schools or hospitals. It’s just stupid!

    But GREED is the name of the game. Get while the getting is good. Help your friend get some too. Screw the poor bastards who suffer, we’ll never see them. We’ll sleep just fine on our luxury sheets in our luxury house.🤬🤬
    It is unsettling and infuriating! People are being squished into the mud. The pandemic is exposing how broken our systems are.

    Beautiful photo! I’m SOOO happy you got a little sunshine! Hopefully you’ll have lots more!💌💌💌

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  3. It’s very unsettling for someone so young. Sadly, in this country, old people are ignored. After 40 (yes 40) doctor’s aren’t really interested anymore and when you retire, you become a non-person. For me it’s not a problem but we have homes bursting at the seams with the unwanted. It shouldn’t be this way.

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  4. I know that the UK is different.
    Here in the US all healthcare providers are so overwhelmed that many have retired or left medicine. Doctors are shutting down their practices and moving on to something else.
    Teachers are just as buried. Some kids are in school, some at home and some are hybrid.
    At my wife’s school someone leaves every few weeks.
    If the UK is anything like the US all of your healthcare providers and educators are struggling to keep up, feeling like they are not and considering their options.

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  5. Very unsettling. That’s why you have to continue to “bother” on his behalf. I wish every child in need had a parent like you in their corner.

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