It’s amazing what difference a little bit of sun makes. It’s a pleasant landscape. Last week or so it was the perfect landscape for a moody horror movie. Think Hound of the Baskervilles, think the start of American Werewolf in London.

Sometimes life is hard to fathom. You would have thought that the better weather would lift my overall mood. Pick me up. Bring smiles. Well that’s the theory….

So why was I stood in this field feeling down. Sad. Melancholy. Lonely. What was wrong with this view.

How can that happen. Is there something wrong with me. Am I missing something.

It was a while later before the penny dropped. For weeks my view has been restricted. Often no further than the next fence. Yes it was moody, it was also a limited view. No evidence of a wider world out there.

Suddenly the world opened up again today. My gaze lifted. It is such a beautiful world and yet it’s out of reach to me. No real chance of heading towards (or past) those distant hills. 950 miles that way takes me to the Swiss Alps. Look in another direction and it’s family and friends. Look behind me and it’s a frustrating football club and then the mountains of Scotland. Several thousands miles in another direction and it’s….

Those things have been out of reach. In all probability they will be well out of reach for a large part of 2021 (maybe much longer).

That’s why my mood fell. I was reminded of life’s potential. Reminded of life’s current constraints.

But I will keep telling myself that there is always hope. Maybe tomorrow if the sun is out again then my gaze will lift my mood as well.

46 thoughts on “Lift

  1. I am excited for the day you get to break free and really experience something new or revisit something special to you. My fingers are crossed that it will be sooner than later. Thinking of you!

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  2. Theory certainly doesn’t always translate into practice.
    Could it be that the mist and cloud was like a cocoon and the shock of seeing the clarity of the world was just a bit overwhelming. Clarity tomorrow may seem inspirational. One never knows.

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  3. Such a lovely picture! I hear your frustration. My brother has been stranded in South Africa since March, all his plans out the window, not able to visit his family, problems, problems. For him it is sad as he is older even than me, so for him time is very valuable. I know it doesn’t make it easier for you, Gary, but hopefully you will have many years “after” and I hope those years start soon!


  4. I know what you mean. Although the sun is lifting up the mood it also makes you see what you cannot have. But maybe you only need to shift your thinking. It is not that you see what you cannot have but you can see what you will have again! Perhaps you can transform the sadness into anticipation. It will happen again, definitely, and you can already imagine how wonderful it all will be.

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  5. Some days are like that. You’re going along, resigned to the reality of the situation, making the best of what you’ve got, then… BAM! You remember all the stuff from “before”…
    We all have those days. It will get better. You know it will. This is a passing moment. You and Hawklad will find your way back to those Alps. I know you will!💌💌💌

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