Dad Brexit has some advantages!”

Ok Hawklad. Off the top of my head after 4 years I’m struggling to think of one but go on then, what is it….

Well it’s going to be much harder for people from Britain to get into Europe. As we are quite annoying that must be a good thing for those in places like France and Germany. Less annoying people in their country.”

We are very annoying. Very obnoxious and exceedingly grumpy. So yes I will give you that advantage. But it’s a double edge sword. If there are less of us lot in Europe then that will mean there are more of us lot here. That’s not a good thing.

Well you get use to it. I’ve got use to living with YOU. That’s not been easy. You have to admit that. What do you describe yourself as…”

A sporting super being I think….

No definitely not that Dad”

A brain power colossus.

On wow where do I start with that…. No what’s the word that starts with a V which you call yourself Dad”


I don’t even want to know what that means… the other word Dad start with V”


That’s the one”

67 thoughts on “The one advantage of brexiti

  1. Tell Hawklad that he’ll be welcome in Ireland – Brexit or no Brexit as we love quick wit here and I suppose he can bring his vexing dad with him. We’re good at knocking the vex out of people over here. ,πŸ˜‰

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  2. I must say, having dealt this morning with someone who lives in Spain, that I am grateful to the Europeans for taking so many irritating people off our hands.

    As for wit, it is the fate of fathers to be outwitted by their sons…

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  3. HA! Well it’s a pity Brexit won’t keep Americans out of their countries, because we are the most annoying of them all! Mwa ha ha ha!

    And Vexing is a glorious word. Could use that to describe the grading I did this month. Blech. After I finalize the grades today, I’m going to allow myself to NOT look at school work until Monday. Hope you and Hawklad can have some fun this Christmas–the weather here is bitter, bitterly cold, and there’s no real snow to enjoy now as yesterday was warm with rain and melted it all. Bah!

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      1. Sort of. Actual teaching won’t start until next week, after New Year’s, but I need to start preparing course material this week. Honestly, I don’t mind. It saves a lot of headache during the actual term if all the prep is done.

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