Today brought the return of awful weather. Cold, stormy winds, driving rain, really dark skies. Days like this are not great for living on a hill top….

School, school, school.

It’s just keeps on giving…..

I had an email exchange with school trying to explain to them that at this stage Hawklad doesn’t want to drop French. He does want to try some alternatives first. Spending part of the teaching time using an online language package which teaches him the basics. The stuff school seem to have stopped. With school its all about learning the various spellings for the various forms of all the French verbs. That’s not really helping. It’s never going to work with someone with dyslexia.

Anyway I was getting nowhere fast with our award winning school. Yes it won an award for excellence. When they dropped into the conversation some news.

The one teaching assistant who has done the most to help Hawklad. The one who asks if he is alright (the only one). The one who is happy to chase up work and queries for him. The one who chases up the other teachers when they forget about him. Is leaving in two days…


I dread to think what that will mean for Hawklads homeschooling. I do have a pretty good idea.

So let’s look out of the window and think about the weather and say again after three.


54 thoughts on “After three

  1. I know this isn’t really the point but im the grand scheme of things, does learning French matter a damn.
    I thought learning science was the B all and end all but eventually gave it up as it wasn’t working out for complex reasons and the world didn’t end. I’d have left school if I had to go on with it.

    Losing the helpful support worker seems to be a much bigger issue.
    Don’t ever underestimate the massive support that you are and all the support you have out here.

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  2. Oh yes, that’s just how I felt when the social worker who worked so well with the boys came up to me back in September to say she was leaving the school..that day. Did she tell the boys? nope. And the person who replaced her has lots of book smarts, but the desk-side manner of a soggy forgotten cereal.


    Prayers Hawklad has another school contact, soon xxxx

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