Listening to the rain and wind. It’s time to start thinking.

Yes I can do that sometimes. Not often granted but I do have my moments. This morning feels like a thinking day….

This is day time…..

The news has definitely brought that thinking time on. Our country has started vaccinating high risk groups for Covid. At present the process seems to be vaccinate a batch of people then give them the second shot a month later. Then move on to the next group. It might speed up if a more stable vaccine becomes available. The current one sounds as stable and as easy to use as one of my rice puddings. Which is not very stable. The vaccine probably tastes better.

They are planning is to vaccinate 26 million people in 2021. That hopefully covers the elderly and high risk groups.

Well Hawklad and me are not in those groups. We are quite low down the pecking order. In fact there are rumours that the under 18s may be the last to be vaccinated or maybe even not vaccinated if they have to start topping up those who have already been given the injections. Top-ups might be needed every year.

That has implications for our little family. Let’s assume that we both will get vaccinated. That will be in 2022…

So here is where it’s time to engage my nogging. That’s a local word for brain. The health professionals who have seen Hawklad agree that his anxieties have zero chance of easing before he thinks that we both can’t catch the pesky virus. Either the virus packs it’s bags and leaves. OR. That means getting vaccinated and having confidence that it is completely effective. So even after he has been vaccinated that’s not the end of the road. It’s just the start of another long journey of confidence and bridge building.

Before that happens we isolate. So in effect are we not isolating now for all of 2021 and well into 2022. That seems like a long time. Longer than the time we have already spent in our little family lockdown. What are the implications for Hawklad and his childhood. What are the implications for me.

That’s definitely a puff my checks out thought.

Time to think…..

50 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Same with us and our son’s covid anxiety. I’ve asked our GP to keep him in mind if there’s any chance at all to skip the queue. Like if mental health reasons mean he can get into an earlier-vaccinated group. She said she would but obviously is still very much in the dark about how the vaccine will be rolled out and when.

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  2. There is not really much information yet on how quick the vaccinations will be done. Another big test of patience. But due to the fact that not everybody wants to get that vaccination rises the chances of getting a sooner shot.

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  3. Under the circumstances of the lad’s difficulties, they should put you in a higher priority group, but with the government over there in charge….time to start a campaign for all those who are in the same boat? Someone needs to make a big stink in the H of P or wherever it will be heard to greatest effect.

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  4. You’re gonna have to get sneakier Gary Kermit Superdad. Hawklad and his comfort, happiness and childhood ARE important, but so is YOUR mental health. You need to get away once in a while.
    I agree that you might be looking at 2022 before Hawklad can move forwards, unfortunately.
    Hopefully the vaccine will roll out quicker, or Hawklad can be bumped up in line. 🤞


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  5. We’ve wondered the same thing – at what point will it be available for regular Joe’s like my family. I definitely think Hawklad should get his sooner than others. I hope he gets it soon to help ease his anxiety and restore your world for you!

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  6. My eyes are wet reading this. Anyone else would have broken down and given up. But not you. I’ve sent up a prayer to heaven, that you be given the grace of hope. Not merely the disposition of hoping, but for something unexpected yet real to happen, which you can hold on to till the day comes.

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