I do like a good slice of cake. Like it just a little too much. Especially Christmas Cake. That’s with icing, that’s with marzipan, that’s with a slab of cheese, that’s au naturale. My family knows this. Every Christmas my mum would bake me a cake, my sister would do the same. Both most definitely knew how to bake a top cake. So every December I was well fed. Too well fed. That’s why this Thor like muscle structure hides under a Homer Simpson baggy exterior.

But times move on. Mum has now left us. But my sister still comes up with the goods every year. And then 2020 hit. Due to covid restrictions and Hawklads anxieties I’m not meeting up with my sister this December. So no chance of a cake handover.

I’m cakeless…

That means one thing. One scary thing. I either buy one or I BAKE ONE. The bought ones are never as good as my family ones. So……

It’s baking time. I don’t have a good track record on the baking front. But there is always hope. Always a first time. So you have been warned. Things could get interesting here. You had better not stray too far from your panic room.

Fair warning.

81 thoughts on “Fair Warning

      1. We just did the cookies that the dog ate. We might do them again since they turned out so well and people (and labs) liked them. But I don’t think we will do much past that. We are skipping the traditional Christmas dinner. Going for something easier that everyone will actually eat. And since no one eats the same thing no one is sure what Christmas dinner will actually be.

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  1. Gary, you are going to bake a wonderful cake. But make sure you start with quality ingredients. Where are you going to get quality ingredients in this time of Covid. Probably not in a small town grocery shoppe.
    Why not just go careless for a year? Then, when you can one day be sure of your ingredients, then learn how to do it to your mum’s and sister’s standards, or maybe you can get your sister to start baking your cake so you can eat it, Hawklad too.

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  2. My son and his wife supplied a Christmas fruitcake. We have a system. When I want to give them something I put it in a bag and hang it on their doorknob. He does the same. It’s worked well. We’re not hugging or physically interacting. We are obeying restrictions for the good of all. But I still get to have my cake and eat it too. Haha

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      1. Some people might take “fail-proof” as a challenge…

        But eventually there’ll come a recipe that even Hawklad’s Dad won’t be able to ruin. Time will tell if that recipe is yours πŸ™‚

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  3. My mum always made me a cake too. I remember that there was lots of fruit and lots of brandy involved and that it had to cook for a very long time. Whatever you come up with will be a great effort, I’m sure, a special 2020 cake…it may sink inthe middle a bit..

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  4. Yay!! Baking! Can’t wait to see the results! I’m sure Mr Cheeky Hawklad will have a few quips to keep us giggling and as long as it’s edible who cares what it looks like! Plus, it will save you money buying cookies for the sheep if the first try isn’t up to standard… you can give them cakeπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  5. Turning out a Christmas cake in a week might be a little ambitious. I was brought up to believe that they take months to mature and that no man should be allowed anywhere near it. Did my mother and my sister and my wife all lie to me?

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  6. We’re in the same boat! Mom’s not able to cook or bake now, so I’ll have all the pressure at Christmas! I’ll start practicing this weekend with the baking πŸ˜‰ Good luck! It will go well!

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