Sun sets on another school term. Another term of schooling at home. The last day of term. Will the school give the kids a fun day?

Warning increasingly ancient person going to talk about ‘in my day’.

In my day, last day of term before Christmas was almost set in stone. All kids were told to bring one game in with them. The teachers would take the register and then leg it to the staff common room. That was it for the morning from them. It was said that it was teacher training and they should not be disturbed. It must have been some training session. The teachers kept going to their cars for wine, beer and mince pies. The teachers reappeared at lunch time after the training. The music teacher would be a little unsteady on her feet and the science teacher would be unusually friendly with the school cook. The teachers would then sit down and the school prefects would have to serve them the Christmas lunch. Once the teachers had been fed the rabble could then be let loose on the food. After lunch the school would wander down to the church for Christmas Carol’s. It’s amazing just how many kids can leg it during the course of a 200 yard walk. So with a much depleted school roster the Carol’s Service would start. Most of the teachers would fall asleep while the headteacher would stand at the church door to stop any further prison breakouts. After an hour even the headteacher would give up the ghost and the remaining children were sent home. The teachers would then stagger down to the pub to presumably continue the teacher training until the early hours.

ZERO school work was ever undertaken.

Will Hawklads school do the same. Will the kids be allowed to have fun with no school work?

Well to be fair one teacher sent an email saying that Hawklads class was watching an cartoon adaptation of a book in her lesson. She sent the link. That counts as zero work. Unfortunately the other classes didn’t play ball. Question after question. Read this, answer that, write this, explain that…. AND then homework was issued for the two week holiday.

Basically loads of work. ZERO FUN.

Sadly this was all completely predictable. But surely for just one school day they can let children enjoy themselves. To create some happy memories. Especially after all that’s gone on this year. Anyway in the words of Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out’ now, hopefully fun is now on the agenda.

56 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. Sounds like to completely different last days 🙂 It’s crazy to think about what teachers used to do! I went to Catholic school. Getting hit with the yardstick was a true and honest fear. I guess that is why I do whatever anyone tells me to do and I am an ace at my time’s tables and handwriting!

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      1. Moi????? I cannot think how anyone would think so., just cos I was the girl with four timetables in her pocket, each one saying different things, subjects I had never taken in my life and who, with absolute impunity wa sable to put one down on the rector’s desk when summoned re not appearing to have never been heard of in certain classes. Ir , after all, the fault of the office. My pal and i were notorious so yeah there were scrapes galore, like the time we needed up on the swimming group. Truly thought we were done for that day but then along came a bus so we just high tailed it over the road and leapt on. We plunked everything except Latin. Latin was like the wild west, you would not miss the fun in there so we used to nip back in for Latin.

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      2. we were offered a second language. This was the select secondary school system where if you lived in the wrong place you may have got there but you still were bottom of the heap and the only way to get up that heap was to take a second language. It was Latin or German and alas given the dad’s feelings on that, having, as a young man been involved in the fall of berlin and certain refugee camps I chose latin.


      1. I think you’re right. At the same time I sure wouldn’t want to be in their shoes – do you think they’re stressed out and perhaps that’s contributing to the terrible decisions? Hmmm maybe the entire government is burned out. Or maybe they were always burned out? Haha this could go on forever. At any rate, it sure makes life a LOT more difficult for the parents!


  2. Ahh … back in the day (wistful gaze into the beyond)
    On a different note, we were informed today, courtesy of the government’s phenomenal organisation and planning, that my youngest will not be going back in on the 5th, but the 11th. The school had no idea about this until yesterday so we won’t know any more until the 4th Jan! Really bloody helpful

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