Can you spot the photobombing bird…

Can you spot the grassy hill that on every single step you sink 3 inches into the mud…

We put the Christmas tree up the other day. And it was another CAN YOU SPOT moment.

Hawklad put the decorations up after I had disinfected them. Then I spotted it. A tree decoration with writing on. Three names. Our names. I had forgotten about that one. That was a link to a different time. A different life. A very different feeling Christmas.

Every day it’s amazing what you can spot.

27 thoughts on “Can you spot

  1. Yeah… I have an ornament given to me and the ex by one of the girls’ teachers. Two little snowmen made of sanddollars … super cute, but their hats have “Tim” and “Angie” written on them. Bittersweet but it went on the tree. Our ornaments are our family history. We get a new one every year.💌💌💌

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