Christmas Eve brought the first snow flurries of winter. Not much but it certainly changed the mood. Kind of feels like December now.

Last night we had our first ever Santa Christmas Drive. It replaced a ride on the Christmas Train which is not happening this odd year. Engine 1264 is getting a well earned rest. It is 73 years old.

The car was decked out in Christmas lights. Filled with party food. Christmas music on tap. And off we set to look at the various Christmas lights in the surrounding villages. We parked up halfway round to give the sleigh driver a break and to see how badly we could do at a Christmas Quiz. Spectacularly badly. We couldn’t even answer the questions about a movie we had seen only a few hours previously.

The Santa Christmas Drive definitely worked. Hawklad really enjoyed it. That’s all that matters. Ok he had to have a really really really long bath on his return. A complete change of clothing. Several sessions with the mouthwash. But it was worth it.

Only time will tell if it’s a one off stand in event or it’s now a new tradition. But it’s certainly another reason why it now feels a lot like December.

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