Finally a little bit of blue sky but it’s really wet under foot. Prefect mud for a long haired dog. Definitely a long bath is heading his way.

Maybe not as long as some things.

Dad have you got some homemade bread in. I fancy a ham sandwich.”

That’s right I was making a loaf. What happened to it? I did make it, I think.

****a check of the kitchen revealed no fresh loaf****

Dad are you sure you made one.”

Yes I did. I made it. Put it in the tin and put it in the airing cupboard to rise….. Oh I didn’t did I

Dad what have you done.”

****a check of the airing cupboard revealed a loaf of bread left to rise****

Dad how long should it have been in there for?”

About 45 minutes

How long has it been in there?”

A bit longer

Dad how much longer?”

About 4 days…. In my defence I put it in there and my sister phoned and I completely forgot all about it.

What a muppet Dad. You really are. Might give the sandwich a miss then.”

51 thoughts on “Give it a miss

      1. I had a baking venture myself a few days ago. I made some mini Victoria Sponge bites for Christmas. Luckily they tasted alright! I wouldn’t put it past myself to forget about a dish I made, however.
        – TishGirl❤️

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  1. Oh dinnae worry. i am aye putting things away then forgetting where… Christmas Day it was the homemade christmas cake. I emptied the freezer…The next day I saw it was in the fridge where I had put it before emptying the freezer. One gets fraught is all.

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  2. Thank you for sharing, for you know what Beloved, that after my long day, I do believe this is the first real spontaneous chuckle I’ve had and it’s helped. Have you named what you found in the cupboard? Mr Conrad Geal perhaps or Madame Fleur De Fermentation.

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  3. How many times will Angie go to the kitchen for more coffee and return to her room without the coffee? On average, it takes 3 times before the coffee comes back to my room with me. I’m easily distra… oh look at that pretty blue sky! We’ve got rain today, probably snow up in the mountains, it’s cold enough.
    Ummmm… What were we talking about???😂💌💌💌💌

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  4. Thanks for the giggle! Much needed. For both our Thanksgiving dinner back in late November and our Christmas dinner, I forgot the rolls. I was going to bake some last month (dough is ready to go – just open the refrigerated container, separate rolls onto a sheet and bake), which days later my son baked and ate. And more recently I bought rolls already baked, and even had them out in sight so they wouldn’t be forgotten. Which I finally noticed well after Christmas dinner. Oh well!

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