Those snow blizzards are intensifying here. Not sure I will be able to keep digging us out. Tough winters here in Yorkshire. Need to but some ski boots……

I realised something this morning. Apart from Hawklad I’ve not actually seen another human since last Wednesday. Ok I’ve seen people in videos and movies but not actual seen anyone. Not even someone in the distance. No one. No dog walkers. No neighbours. No one walking on the street. No postman. No delivery people. That must be a record for me.

It just shows how easy it is to disappear these days.

It’s going to feel really odd when I finally bump into someone. Maybe even talk to them. Wow that’s a thought. What will I say? Probably need to practice a bit just in case. Practice holding eye contact. Better practice with the sheep first. Maybe work on a different conversation opener though

Hi. You are cheeky. Do you fancy a biscuit….”

44 thoughts on “Disappear

  1. I can well appreciate how complex it is to be so cut off physically but it’s no bad thing just for now with the virus virusing.

    Maybe now is the time to record your own voice so you remember how to use it and have a bit of fun doing it. Maybe start with nonsense poetry!!

    Remember, we are all here batting with you.

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  2. Omg, it’s probably not what you intended but I laughed out loud at the practice with a sheep line. 🙂 I’ve done so many Zoom meetings and calls this year but I think I too have forgotten what it’s like to interact with another human being. Will have to re-learn everything when life resume hopefully in 2021! At least you have sheep to keep you company! 🤣

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  3. Yeah, dont think the post or delivery person would know what to do with that opening line. Especially a native of York😂😂😂 I can picture you saying that to some burly gent🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thank for the giggle! Be careful with all that snow. Don’t wanna get buried too deep😘😂💌💌💌

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  4. Not a bad conversation opener. Heaven knows, we need a good chuckle these days 🙂 Like Leendadll, can I also offer you two neighbors? They are both great guys who, under normal circumstances, I enjoy chatting with. The problem is that neither of them like wearing face masks and have no idea what staying six feet apart means.

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  5. Just say Hi Gary. It’s always a start. Do sheep like biscuits? I don’t carry them now because Maggie was more intent on what was in my pocket than concentrating on where she was going, and walked into 2 lamp posts and off the kerb. Come to think of it, not likely to see sheep in our road………..

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  6. I’m scrolling down your old blog posts looking for the image of the idiot, with the stupid whip on his desk. I saw this and thought of the image “oh that’s why the name”. Moving swiftly on, the words of the blog also reminded me of living in Yesnaby, but that it could be weeks, not days before seeing anyone. Sometimes I’d wave at the fishing boats, 🚤 looking at the crab pots. Then if the weather was bad, there’s not even be the postman/woman visiting. Then I’d have to walk to the post box to collect the letters, if any were there that is. I wonder if planning to walk the dog, at a set time each day that you HAVE seen others in the past? Do the research, take a bit of paper and a little pencil out with you and make notes of when you see folks… That way you will know, for if you are anything like me, it is all a bit hit and miss. People need to see and say “Hi” to other people, if there one thing I learnt living so isolated, it is that.


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