So no new animal photos this New Years. A year without the holiday zoo trip. So we replaced it with a few hours watching a David Attenborough DVD. Which worked out quite well and significantly cheaper.

Dad I’d like to go to the Galápagos Islands

Your mum went there on one of her adventures. I must find the photos she took.

What did she think of it.”

She really loved it. Well until one of the volcanoes had a minor eruption which restricted where she could go and then she caught a minor tropical disease as she left.

What happened.”

She ended up being holed up in a hotel room Ecuador. She missed her flight back.

Didn’t you fly out to check on her?”

What do you think. If she’s had a tropical pesky then she could keep it to herself. 6000 miles was as close as I was getting….

Yes I’m with you on that Dad”.


15 years after that tropical virus the ‘avoid the pesky’ strategy is in overdrive here. It has been for 9 months. It will be for many months to come. I’m fairly relaxed about things but Hawklad most definitely isn’t. So we batten down the hatches. Get ready for the long haul. It might be an idea to stock up on those Attenborough documentaries. They are probably going to get some hammer during 2021.

35 thoughts on “Galapagos

  1. Oh how lovely to think on that saying, as my Daddy said “batten down the hatches” (he was an officer in the navy after all) he also would hold my little hand firmly, but gently and drag me fast through town full of people, to get from A to B the shortest route with the expression “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead”. As for the Galapagos, you might want to look up Sarah Darwin and her studies on native and invasive hybrid tomatoes there. 🍅 🍆

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  2. No wildlife? You’ve got some pretty “wild” animals sharing your house. And I bet the sheep would get a little riled up if you forgot their biscuits 😂
    I could send a picture of what I look like when I’m commanded out of bed in the wee hours, but that might be TOO “wild”. Dont wanna frighten Hawklad or yourself!😂😂😂💌💌💌

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