It’s Sunday so it must be time for a trip to Alpine Heaven. To a place which has been close to our family and it’s heart for years. Life has happened and we haven’t been able to visit here since 2015. I give you stunning Switzerland.

Our family looks very different these days. Life has definitely happened. Now the only ones who will carry on the Swiss tradition are Hawklad and me. So that’s what we will do. Virtually until life shifts again and then we can once again step on those alpine slopes again. That day can’t come quick enough for me.

35 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. My favorite night of the week… YAY! Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night 💃🏼✨🥰

    I’ve been through our Rocky Mountains, through several states. We even got up above the tree line… I’m not sure what elevation but it had to be near 10,000feet (3048 meter) and it was impressive, but nothing compared to your Alps.

    Absolutely stunning views, from everywhere! I never tire of looking.💌💌💌

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