The sun shines down on a land run by a PM who is a complete and utter …………

So two week ago the so called PM castigated the leader of the opposition (probably one of the few adults left in Parliament) for saying the country needed to go into stricter controls to stop a crisis turning into a disaster. Now two weeks later the hospitals are on the verge of collapse, at least 7000 more people have lost their lives due to covid and a mutated virus is out of control. He complains about a mutated virus from South Africa yet Britain is still one of the few countries not doing any regular covid checks at airports. Most flights check in without even any guidance being available. But tonight the PM decided to kind of act. Actually it’s hard to tell amongst the bluster, lies and false promises. Far too many IFs for my liking. Again we got the ‘we are on the final stretch, it will be great in a couple of months’ line. He’s said that every week since February.

For 6 weeks we are basically allowed out of the house once for exercise, to food shop, to work.

Schools are closed until well into February just 8 hours after he told parents they were completely safe and they had an obligation to send their children into those very schools.

I’m open minded but who in their right minds would vote for this clown.

46 thoughts on “Right minds

  1. Rich people, people who wanted to get Brexit done, people who wanted to stop immigrants coming into the country, people who wanted our sovereignty back and although I am not sure on this one, people who think the fish know whether they are on the French or British side of the sea.

    Those people

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  2. I presume the same mental state as the Georgia election official Trump just tried to bully into ‘finding’ the votes for him to win the election. Even after borderline criminal threats thrust his way this official stuck by Trump and the Republican party.
    Politics seem to outweigh logic,reason,morality,on both sides of the pond.
    And we should be locked down here with the numbers being what they are but politics and the almighty dollar overrule basic intelligence and science.
    Sad state we all are in thanks to leaders who know nothing about leading and ignore science at will.

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      1. It is, but I imagine this feeling is echoed across the nation…with everyone’s jobs and livelihoods at stake. Let’s just hope that the vaccine saves us and we find the light at the end of the tunnel this year πŸ’«βœ¨

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  3. I agree with the comment above. I am so exhausted by our leaders and the stuff they come up with. It just never makes sense and seems so self-fulfilling for them. I am hopeful that 2021 will bring us just a little bit of normalcy, which I am hopeful, is not a total long shot.

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      1. We had fog and mist until almost 9:30am today. That was weird. The Sun finally burned it all off and we’ve got our sunshine that gives the excuse to charge so much for everything… the “Sunshine Tax” it’s usually called. It’s just greed, and rents are ridiculous because they *can be*πŸ™„
        Ah, but the Sun is lovely!πŸ˜„πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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