Could look at this view for ages. It makes life feel so uncomplicated.

It’s been one of those school at home days. The sort of day that reminds me what I’m missing with caffeine (lots of it). The stronger the better.

The third cup of decaf just doesn’t hit the same mark…..

Before summer school basically used Showbie to run its lockdown home schooling system. Teachers delivered lessons via recorded videos, documents and resources available on the web. It was simple and largely worked.

School has now implemented Microsoft Teams and that is being used to deliver the current lockdown home schooling.

Now cards on the table, I have a masters degree in computing. So I’m ok with tech. Excluding the remote control, washing machine and my mobile. Hawklad sorts those out for me…. But Microsoft I can do…..

How can I describe the new Teams learning experience.


Really πŸ™€


For us its shocking. Talk about school over complicating things. Poor Hawklad has lost the plot. I’m not far behind. And reading many of the pupil comments (and a few teachers) – we are not the only ones.

Today Hawklad must have spent 20 minutes on actual learning. The other 5 hours has been spent dealing with app crashes, lockouts, never ending formatting issues, searching for stuff, trying to find ways to open audio and video files on the school iPad.

Much of this will be down to how school have set up the system. Yes Teams can do so much more and it helps the school with administration. But it’s been at a cost. It’s proving much harder for some of the pupils to learn. Hawklad just doesn’t find it easy using Microsoft apps. They seem to be designed in a way that just doesn’t suit the way his mind operates. Even some of the teachers will start a lesson off on Teams and within minutes switch back to Showbie. PLUS. My decaf budget is going through the roof….

But when your parenting day is not going well the last thing you want to hear is ‘live teaching’ or ‘real time classroom video experience’. Our day is finishing with that beauty. I just can’t wait and there will no doubt be another frustrated post winging your way….

47 thoughts on “Learning time

  1. I count on Sunset time to take in beauty and blow out all the frustrations of the day.
    New frustrations usually follow, but, at least I get a few minutes of beauty and peace.

    Keep looking at that sky and keep dancing!πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŽΆβœ¨πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  2. I’m very sorry. Tech hiccups make an already stressful learning environment worse. We just survived Week 1 of return to homeschool hell. It’s been rough. But congrats to you and all of us and most importantly Hawklad for making it to the weekend! Hope you all get some rest… and caffeine! πŸ˜‰

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      1. I loathe lavender with a passion that you can only dream about in your worst nightmare! πŸ₯΅ Coffee on the other hand (wait one minute, I need to go make one), where was I? Oh yes, coffee on the other hand is nectar sent by the gods to soothe and comfort and bring the joy to the senses, see: β˜•οΈ


      2. I named my first cats after coffee (Mocha and Espressa). I’ve been drinking it since I was 4yrs old (one of my first memories). I love the smell and the flavor. In high school I drank two POTS a day (sometimes more). So it KILLS me that my body now hates it and I have to limit myself to 1 cup per day, giving forethought to the time and location that I consume it!!

        I have coffee scented candles and satisfy my cravings with coffee stout beers.

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      3. Same. But I’m like a smoker in that seeing people drink coffee on tv or movie makes me crave a cup. I used to drink it 24/7 but now have to limit myself.

        The caffeine in iced tea actually hits me harder than coffee.

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  3. I HATE TEAMS!!!
    Coworkers keep adding projects. Per FDA, EU, and a billion other country requirements, most of our documentation is supposed to be on controlled systems so users can only see the most current version. But there ate copies of everything everywhere (including SharePoint and Box). Thete’s no company standard so I literally check about 8 different spots each morning to see what updates I’ve missed.

    Add’l, for no obvious reason, if I’m in a Teams mtg, I can’t do anything else. Other people can still use Teams to browse other projects, files, wiki, and chat with anyone. But I can only access the active mtg and that mtg’s chat.

    But, hey… Crazy Coworker has been on Teams for a year. I’ve been on it for 4wks and today I showed her a TON of stuff she’s never noticed. She only knew about Chat, mtgs, and using it to make calls. She never saw the projects, files, or wiki. I didn’t tell her there are even more tabs avail.


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  4. We all learn things in different ways, for example: I’ve learnt that if you hear a noise in the kitchen of children giggling, followed shortly by an exploding fizzy pop bottle sound 🍾 and then dripping, combined with gasps from said children in disbelief, followed by silence! That it is best not to open the door until you have taken a deep breath, finished being alarmed and able to not giggle with a composed face of serious controlled concern. 🀨

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  5. We had issues yesterday as well. Declan’s screen was frozen on “joining breakout room 12” and I didn’t realize it until 30 minutes later and he was still sitting there. At that point he pulled out his home device and was watching YouTube with earbuds in so I didn’t know – but he missed a whole lesson, then had to take that one and miss his math lesson which he definitely needs help with. Such a debacle. There is so much time wasted on technical issues!

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  6. This reminds me of when new technology was thrust upon us at work. But while it was frustrating and time wasting, it was the company’s time and for them to sort out. Your schooling situation must be sublimely enervating/frustrating/infuriating……decaf isn’t going to do it. I hope schools get real about it.

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  7. Good Afternoon… you run in terror every time you see that notification that I have left a comment lol. They use Google Class and Zoom or something called Meeting. Not sure. My first Zoom call was with T’s teacher. I should try to figure out so I can talk to mom. Anyways seems once more they are falling far short of the mark. πŸ™‚

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