Still really cold here. Makes a pleasant change from mud.

Fridays school day ended with a ‘live teaching session’. Pupils have to sign in and take part in a live class. The teacher can see the pupils and everyone can hear everybody else. The classes are recorded and reviewed by senior teachers. This is to ensure pupils are behaving and participating. Ironically English are focusing on George Orwell’s 1984. Big Brother comes to mind.

Hawklad tried but in the end had a bit of a meltdown. So we turned the session off within seconds.

School just don’t seem to understand how difficult Zoom like sessions are for some children. The school attitude seems to be ‘well just do it and it will get easier, other pupils are fine with it’. That was the teachers attitude on Friday. “If he doesn’t do the session then he will miss out, he should really be doing it.” It’s that ‘one teaching approach must fit all’ mindset. If something doesn’t work for a child then tough, the child just has to be forced through the hoop.

Well he ain’t doing it…. Not until HE feels comfortable enough. Time is better spent on things that work for Hawklad. Things that he enjoys and which enrich him.

We say Pants to Zoom…..

41 thoughts on “Big Brother

      1. I can hear the memory of my mother saying something about putting a brick in her handbag and making the teacher listen to her. She really was a force to be reckoned with. I am still of the attitude that school for some people are a waste of time. It was for me, it was just torture to even think about going. I learnt nothing there, but survival skills and especially how to pretend to be okay. I am who I am today in spite of my time I turned up to the school with the quadrant of doom!

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  1. Zoom is really stressful for me, an adult, so I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for him. At least when I used it for presenting at the conference, I was the one doing the ranting and didn’t have to listen and take notes and “interact” in a classroom setting.

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  2. It’s not the way I would want to take a class and you are right about 1984 being ironic! Who needs this attitude, particularly not your young lad. Such lack of empathy from teachers is sad. I know they are stressed to their limit as well, what with Boris changing his mind every 5 minutes. Ha he turned them all into robots? Maybe that is the plan? Good for you declaring “pants”.


  3. I have seen a lot of kids have issues with being on camera on Zoom. There are two kids in Declan’s class that aren’t comfortable with the camera, so they turn theirs off. Occasionally the teacher will ask them to turn the camera on for a second so she can see if they are still there and participating, and they will. For my high schooler, there are classes I see when I am giving him his laundry or something, that I see all the kids are signed in, but with cameras off. Cameras off is the new version of skipping school. The high school figured that out and is now requiring cameras on, so they do, but now you just see a lot of ceilings or the very top of kid’s heads.

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  4. BIG PANTS to Zoom! We flat out refused last week. We might, might try the session with his speech and occupational therapists, but for regular teaching? Nope!

    I’m sure Hawklad feels like everyone is staring at him. And no amount of talking about it will convince him otherwise. Maybe if they’d let him turn the camera off, he might’ve been able to get through it… but NOOOO… no accommodations for Different Learners.

    I hope Hawklad is feeling better. Meltdowns are so rough!


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  5. Well that doesn’t make any sense. But then the school year for you has not made much sense . Trying to give these kids some education . Wonderful but there needs to be a little compassion here. Some kids just do not do well being whatever it is that isn’t a right fit with them. This is so sad. 😔

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