We watched the Pixar movie SOUL last night. Felt like perfect timing. Trying not to give the movie away but it makes you think about life and what it means to you. Its really good, funny in places and sad in others. At times I found it uncomfortable as it was a little to close to home for me.

I came away from the 100 minutes thinking

Life is maybe not about the things I thought it was about (confirmed what I’ve been thinking for a while now)

Actually what are the things in life that make me spark and feel alive

Just how time is wasted

Fears of looking back at life and regretting lost opportunities

I can still grasp those opportunities…..

A few hours later and I’m still reflecting on SOUL. Life and the pandemic have kind of hemmed me in (hemmed many of us in). We have been in our own lockdown for almost a year now. Likely to be in lockdown for much of 2021. Time is to precious to just be content with performing endless holding patterns until life changes again. Have to find ways to live TODAY…

44 thoughts on “Soul

  1. I guess it depends, Gary, on how you define life. For me, as long as you are learning something, you are not wasting your life. If, perhaps, you are learning to become a better person, then you are improving your life. If you are improving your life, you are improving all life. But that still does not define life.
    JIIJIMO, life is the ability to move and change. Humanness is the ability to change willfully. Too many people these days do not want to change. They have life, but are they truly alive?
    It is not necessary to go outside to learn how to be a better person. Learning starts inside you. Change starts inside you.

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  2. I can’t watch anything sad, at least not right now. I keep putting bits and pieces of “stuff” aside with the idea that I will make something out of all the waste our society creates. The pile is getting bigger and I have moments of inspiration but then something distracts me. I know people in Africa or India would make wonderful, useful things out of all we waste. I once saw a Flit sprayer made from a Steak and kidney pie can!

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      1. it’s just hard to see it right now. But even the wee things you sometimes talk about doing, the pizza for xmas kind of things, shows you do have flair, it’s just a bit covered at the mo

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  3. Ooh, I have wanted to see that one! It looks like it’s right up my alley. I admit I struggle often with my life and pondering if I am doing enough or doing the right things with it. I know it is the gift of God and I don’t want to waste it. Yet, so often, I do feel hemmed in-as much from my disabilities as from any pandemic-so it’s hard sometimes to know just what He has for me. I see others with far grander purposes while I feel literally stuck by painful joints, painful emotions, and plain just being needed on the home front. Yet, like my beloved George Bailey, I know while dreams are being spun, real living is happening behind the scenes and that we will rarely recognize our own impact.

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  4. You ARE living, and you ARE having a positive impact on the world Gary Kermit Superdad!!
    Every. Single. Day. You keep moving forward. You share your laughter and tears with all if us, helping those who may have thought they were alone in their feelings.

    Keep dancing, keep living, keep moving forward. We can never see the big picture until its completed. It’s way too soon for *that*.


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  5. I so wish I could see that movie. With what we pay to receive tv stations and Netflix, signing up for yet more monthly expenses (Disney plus) is just too much. Maybe when its safe to go to movie theaters again companies will bring some movies back for another go round.

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  6. Lots of opportunities and you will take them. Life is in a ‘holding’ status right now for everyone and you more than most … but the opportunities will be there when you aren’t stuck any longer xx

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