It’s a hard life…. And yes that sofa has been shredded by cat claws.

It got just a little harder, certainly on the hands, knees and back of the trousers…..

The only trip I get out a day is to walk the dog on the back farmers field. It’s normally just me, a dog and the sheep. But over the last few days one or two other walkers have appeared. This has changed the dynamics for Hawklad. Now he is not comfortable with me walking with the dog down the short, narrow alleyway to get to the field.

So the only way to keep venturing out is to climb our back fence AND then deal with the barbed wire obstacle.

Too high to step over. Do I jump or crawl under it.

Yep life has just got that little harder. Definitely more risky for the back of the trousers and what they are covering…..

54 thoughts on “Hard life

  1. You need an old rug, piece of wood or maybe the floormats from your car to throw over the barbed wire, then go over. Very, very, very, VERY carefully.
    And don’t mention to Hawklad if you see anyone else😉 Don’t lie, obviously, but don’t volunteer the info.

    Your couch looks good! You should see what Ben and Zeus can do🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

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  2. Lol… say to Hawkland …look… this is more dangerous… ( you know that is tongue in cheek BUT actually Gary, do you think this is wise……….???) ( No disrespect to you but you are looking at half the pairing her who have twice caused what could have been major incidents on Lundie Craigs in these straitened times….. The pair who routinely sail up Glencoe mountains…. )

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      1. I think you do dangerous things and it is fine and then you don’t think about simpler things where you can come to grief. Also it is a question of perspective, as we saw that first day at the Craigs. Like how you perceive something and how someone else perceives it. And that is to do with your own experiences.

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  3. Perhaps a pole vault? Seriously, though….you can’t be expected to do the impossible, even for your lad. I don’ know anything about his situation but I’m wondering if it won’t make it harder for him to come back from the place he is retreating to? I know it’s a desperate worry for you. You need support for yourself as the bereaved caregiver…..we care about you Gary, as well as the lad.


  4. Do you have an old bath mat or small scatter mat of some kind? Here is my suggestion: take it with you, throw it over the barbed wire, now you can climb over it without risk to clothing or flesh. (We had barbed wire to contend with when I was a kid, this was my work around.) Love the photos, sorry to hear Hawklad’s anxiety notched up a bit with the appearance of other walkers though. I want a dog that looks exactly like yours – he’s gorgeous!

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  5. 😥 The kitties are beautiful and heartwarming, but I am broken-hearted for all that you are having to go through. Remember coffee and someday, my friend … it’s all I’ve got to offer. Oh, and hugs … lots of hugs!

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