It’s been almost a year since I stood near a river. Well over a year since I stood by a lake. Won’t be long before it’s two years since I stood in the Sea.

I was looking out over the fields, trees and hills. I started to yearn for a River. A lake. The Sea. To look at, to stand next next to or even better. To stand in the water.

That’s why that little rain water flood pool that forms in the farm is such a big thing for me. It reminds me of that feeling. Of better times. Of freedom.

One day….

54 thoughts on “Water

  1. I’ve been telling myself the same thing. One day…
    I miss the ocean. The sight, sound, smell… too cold now to even get my feet wet, but the feel of the waves crashing into you…
    I tell myself the ocean isn’t going anywhere. It will wait for me.

    Your favorite bodies of water will wait for you too! For now, enjoy your mini lake! It’s so convenient 😉💌💌💌

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  2. It will come. Think of people who were enslaved awaiting their freedom, or prisoners wrongfully incarcerated….I am not trying to diminish your frustration which is very real. Sometimes we need to find perspective. Every time I’ve cursed the life I’ve had, I have remembered the countless thousands of people in abject poverty, refugees, victims of genocide…endless millions of the oppressed…it starts by making me feel a whole lot worse, but then reality clicks in. One person’s pain does not compare to another’s. Wish I could send you a river and some sunshine or a day at the beach just for you and the lad.

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  3. I often long for the ocean – probably because I grew up in a little house that looked out over a bay – part of the Atlantic. I think when times are grim and stressful as these days have been it makes my yearning all the more pronounced – wanting to crawl back into childhood, back into the womb, so to speak. I gravitate to water – the prehistorical womb from which all life came. I think that’s fairly common. Is it? I don’t know. I do know I find great peace and comfort by being near (or in) water. It is winter here so all the ponds, lakes, and rivers are frozen. I look forward to the spring thaw and open water once again.

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