Dad I have to interview someone for Food Technology. That person has to be old apparently. That’s you then Dad”

Charming….But sadly very true….

****that’s the thing about Aspergers with Hawklad. He tells it as it is, no filters.****

Dad I have to ask you about the confectionery you used to eat as a child. I’ve seen the photos, you clearly liked the odd one or two sugar bars…..”

****sadly also very true****

What were your favourite sweets and chocolates all those many centuries ago….”

Decades boy not centuries…. That would be midget gems, flying saucers, black jacks, milk guns, fizz wiz, pineapple cubes, cherry lips and refreshers. Chocolate it would have been Toblerone, Marathon, Wagon Wheels, Minstrels, Revels,Time Outs, Banjos and Curly Wurly’s.

Dad why is it that when I ask you about science, history or art you just look blank at me. Yet I mention chocolates and sweets and I can’t stop you talking….”

Got to get my priorities right.

What’s the biggest changes with current confectionery then Dad?”

Well some of the stuff have disappeared. Some stuff has changed name. What’s this thing called Snicker Bars – it’s a Marathon…. And the sizes. Much much bigger in my day as you can tell from the old photos of my tummy.

Last question Dad. What was the worst thing about confectionery in your day….”

Well I dread to think what they put in those old sweets and chocolate bars. E Numbers were classed as one of your 5 a day healthy options back then. And then some of the stuff was so wrong. One of my favourite chocolates was pretend cigarettes. They were made to look like cigarettes and even came in a realistic cigarette packet.

Dad what were they thinking of…”

Getting kids hooked on smoking. Making money and seeing children as a commodity to make money from. Sadly that hasn’t changed….

76 thoughts on “Old…

  1. That is a nice trip down memory lane! My kids always laugh at my dad who still puts ketchup on his pancakes. His alternative when he was growing up was karo syrup. Between the two, we see his choice in ketchup. It is fun to look back and remember the choices we made from what was out there!

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  2. Snickers has always been snickers. You Brits just had to make things different… like sticking the useless “U” in words like color😉😂

    I actually import chocolate from UK. I love the Flake bars and they don’t sell them here☹ probably a good thing they dont. I eat enough Reese’s… the hearts are out now 🍫💕🤤

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  3. It’s fun to hear your favorite sweets as practically none of them are familiar to me except Toblerone. Yum!! Even our version of a Marathon Bar was chocolate coating over caramel, and it looked like a braid. As an adult, when my ship pulled into England, I learned the magic that is Cadbury chocolate. And I loved the candy cigarettes too. Thankfully only dabbled in smoking for a while in my late teens and early twenties, but quit when I realized I was becoming hooked on them.

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  4. I remember swinging on my garden gate with a pretend cigarette in my mouth. People walked by and gave me strange looks. I also hated the Curly Wurly bar, because that was my nickname at school due to being the only one in my class with unruly curly hair.

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  5. Those cigarettes…they were the only cigarette I ever liked. I don’t think they encouraged me to smoke the real thing. I tried once to see what was so wonderful about them. YaaaaYuuk! With so much “confectionery” it’s no wonder English people were known to have terrible teeth!

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  6. I remember the sweet cigarettes. The ones they sell as candy sticks now aren’t as good.
    I also remember the sherbet you dipped your finger in which turned the skin nicotine yellow.
    Mars bars and Marathons (switching back from Snickers apparently) are smaller and not the same.
    In fact, most confectionery today is not a patch on what I remember as a kid.

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  7. I talk your language of the past sweets 🍬 too, see: Spangles, Fruit Salad, Bar Six, Fry’s 5 Centre, but you have to pronounce that “Currrrly Wurrrrrly” surely? Now we know more about how sweets don’t have to be made of bone juice! Yuck!! So thankfully these are vegan: Starbursts, Millions, Flying Saucers, Love Hearts, Fry’s Chocolate Cream 🍫 Jelly Tots, Sherbet Fountains, Skittles and believe it or not Turkish Delight. Beware however of getting addicted to Goody Good Stuff Sour Mix and Match! They are sooo yum!!!

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  8. I wish that’s how people were … just say as it is ❤️ it’s ok … I’m old too ✌️😄

    That’s funny – I don’t recognize any of your candies lol … reminded me of Willy Wonka mentioning all his candies lol ❤️

    Are you just getting snickers? Lol

    All my American stuff ends up over there but I don’t get to see much of your stuff … although my favorite chocolate is your Cadbury ❤️

    Hahaha I remember the candy cigarettes they still sell those in odd little gift shops in old Sacramento 😮

    Omg I know lol… I can not believe they pushed that on kids lol …

    I also used to love the little wax bottles with teeny tiny juice in them lol they were dumb

    And wax lips 👄 lol

    Old Sacramento has this candy store with old time candies 🍭

    All American things… I have not seen any of yours lol

    We should do country candy taste test lol 😄✌️
    🇺🇸 🇬🇧 lol

    Wait … do you have a flag? Or do you not have a flag now?

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      1. Those were a useless candy lol… if you even can “call” that a candy?

        I liked them but was weird and I don’t think I actually ever ate the wax lol – therefor useless candy lol… just yummy, fun and nostalgic! 😘✌️

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      2. Hmm … so first let me describe Cadbury … omg- that chocolate just melts instantly in the warmth of your mouth and then it’s so rich and creamy – oh wow yes I want some!! Yup sold

        And Hershey’s is good – it’s just not the same

        BUT I do love Hershey kisses ❤️ you have never had a Hershey kiss? 💋😮

        There are different levels of chocolate… well to me at least.

        Nestle is yummy. They good…

        Never heard of your Rowntree chocolate lol

        Lindt is really yummy

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      3. Oh of course… absolutely … all chocolate is good.. but quality and product has ranges…

        Sorry but I’m all about Cadbury … I love the way that melts in my mouth and that taste and creaminess is perfect … yeah how you gonna beat Cadbury?

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