It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly visit to beautiful Switzerland. I’m writing this sat just under a 1000 miles away from this unique piece of alpine heaven. August 2015 was the last time I stood in those alpine meadows.

Back then we were a family of 3 making plans for our next few visits. Time in St Moritz. Visits to Lake Constance and Lake Lugano. Wander round Gruyeres. Creux de Van. So many more places to visit. That’s the thing about Switzerland. It’s a relatively small country yet it just has so much to offer, so much to experience.

We are now a very different family. It’s a very different world. But Switzerland is still there. There is still hope.

62 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Such beautiful photos … they bring the country almost to life. I can imagine living in one of those little villages … peace. My fingers are crossed that you and Hawklad will return one day … sooner than later. xx

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  2. I saw the post come up but I waited until Daughter was dropped off at work, and Zeus and Ben were in Ben’s room for the night… I was looking forward to Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!!
    The meadow flowers look wonderful right now. It was rainy and yucky at my house most of the day.
    Such gorgeous photos, and such a gorgeous country. I do SOOO look forward to the virtual trip every week. I can’t wait until you get to take some new pictures💌💌💌

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  3. The last time I was in Switzerland, I went skiing in St. Moritz! My cousin was studying in Hospitality school in the next town over and we stayed in his student dorms. Looks so different in your summertime photos!

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  4. Lovely, as always. Especially the snow covered peaks through the cloud. Swiss cows look happy. Are they humanely treated there? When I see cows here it makes me sad and I want to apologize to them 😦

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