The sun continues to shine down on the school at home project. Sun shining down – is that the right phrase. Maybe not.

Those lines may not be grammatically correct.

Maybe the sun would shine if the teachers, parents and children could be left to get on with the process. Unfortunately we are not trusted. The current so called government needs to be in control. Apparently they know best.

So maybe this is a more apt photo.

The government wants to control what subjects are taught, what material is used and what material can’t be used. But it doesn’t stop there. They try to control how lessons are taught. Dictating the methods used by teachers.

That has become even more clear during these last 10 months.

Free thinking is to be avoided. Teaching must be prescriptive and follow the required process. Children must learn the same steps in the same way. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work for the child, at least they will remember the basics. It’s more important that they learn to spell a prescribed set range of words perfectly rather than acquire a wide vocabulary. It’s more important to learn the set rules of grammar than to develop a love of writing. Mechanism over creativity.

From the age of 5 to 12 Hawklad went through the education production line. The net result was that he couldn’t read. Teacher reports listing him as low attainment and unable to keep up with the curriculum. Ten months of working from home and now his reading is progressing so well. Ok he might struggle with many of the set grammar rules. He will get marked down for that. But he has found his own way of reading. A method that works which goes against the set governments reading method. That’s something teachers are not allowed to try.

The education of our children is too important to be left in the hands of self absorbed pillocks like Williamson and Gibbs. It’s time for a schooling revolution. It’s time to let teachers teach and to let our children really learn. Learn the way that best suits THEM.

40 thoughts on “Them

  1. I like that idea – a schooling revolution. Definitely! Especially when you see better results after 10 months than all the teachings over 10 years. You gotta do what is best by the student and you have done that. Way to go!

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  2. The whole idea of school, in my mind anyway, is to spark the imagination and give kids the basics, and teach them HOW to learn.
    Basics of math, spelling, grammar, history, some science and arts
    All these children born after 2000 have had computers their entire lives. Spell check and internet… info avail with a few key strokes. Finding information is so much easier than it was when we were doing research papers.

    Let the kids pick their topic and have them do project… written, video, collage…whatever… the point is to absorb the information, process it and present it. THAT is teaching and learning in my mind.

    This learning by Rite and regurgitation of data is ridiculous!

    Hawklad is way too smart to be labeled as low attainment!

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  3. I wholeheartedly agree…although, creativity and individual connection has been greatly stifled since distance learning went into effect! ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒŸ

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  4. Yes!! Our education system here in the US was created to provide a uniformly educated workforce that would be able to man the factories after World War II. And although there have been some advancements, the overall system is much the same. If a person is lucky enough to live in a heavily populated area, there are some schools designed for children who learn differently, but we live in the country, and I’m not about to move to New York City or Los Angeles. I thought having a smaller local school nearby would be a good thing to educate my child, but that was before I had a child with learning challenges on top of a handful of other challenges. I soon realized how ill-equipped many of his teachers were when it came to students like my son. And even the school counselor was clueless. Her #1 focus was on children whose parents were either neglectful or abusive. When it came to a child whose parents were stable and involved in the welfare of their child, she was useless.

    I’m so glad to hear Hawklad has found his own way of reading. The benefit of homeschooling my Falcon Master is letting him read what he wants to read – which is currently Sword Art Online light novels.

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  5. I just found out that here, they are asking the children as late as 3rd grade what sex they want to be. If someone asked MY child that? There would be HELL to pay. That is NOT a teacher’s job/business/whatever.

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