38 thoughts on “Life in pictures part 1

  1. At work there is a bird table with a roof. A squirrel takes it in turn to sit inside it, along with a cat. Of course birds do come and go easily when they are not there, but when the mammals come and sit, they take up the whole space and the birds stay away. When the weekend comes I am at work on Sunday, but what could I possibly put on a form for The Big “Bird” Watch?

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  2. Hiโ€”

    I just stopped by to welcome you to annieasksyou. Iโ€™m so pleased to have your support and hope youโ€™ll join me as often as you can.

    And now I see this delightful, life-affirming post. Itโ€™s a fine way to start my day, and I thank you for it. Iโ€™ll return soon to read more of your posts.


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