Still cold….

Still one of those day….

Why is it that when you set the alarm to go off at 6.45am that the body alarm decides to go off an hour earlier. I think there should be an official rule. Parents are not safe to parent on less than 3 hours sleep. Certainly for me.

I dragged myself out of bed. Made myself a lovely, thick, dark, evil looking coffee. Then just as I was about to indulge I remembered. I’ve not had caffeine for over a year now. PANTS. So it was poured out and a rather sad looking decaf was brewed.

Then it was exercise before Hawklad was sorted out. I headed outside clearly underdressed for the cold. After a frigid 30 minutes of weights I headed inside for yoga. Yoga inside opens up the exercise to the pets. In this case it was the boy cat. The big boy cat. The biggest cat on the Vets books. As a result of the close attention of the big chap the yoga practice was clearly not as enriching as it should have been.

Then it was time to burn the toast. Drop the apple juice. Realise we had run out of Hawklads breakfast cereal. The usual failed parenting stuff.

Then it was the typical tired homeschooling day. Unable to get the WiFi to work when a school deadline is looming. Unable to find a black pen that works. Unable to find the required watercolour paints. Unable to find a blank A3 sheet. Unable to explain just what on Earth the teacher wants. Unable to get Teams to work. Unable to find the lesson files. Unable to get the iPad to stop changing French spellings back into the closest available English word.

‘J’adore’ might work in French, I suspect the autocorrected ‘Car Door’ is not going to get Hawklad many French marks….

I wonder what the French is for ‘clearly when I’m tired I acquire Superman strength as when I tried to then squeeze in a bit of housework, the hoover handle snapped off when I tried to push it’. I would go on Google translate to check but the WiFi has switched off again just as Hawklad has tried to submit today’s Geography work.

Nothing else for it. Food. As Hawklad tucked into his Gourmet dish (a Pot Noodle) I set about something even I couldn’t mess up. So it was yogurt and cereal. It probably would have been nice but I foolishly turned my back for a second AND

The big fat boy cat was clearly intent on upping his calorific intake. My lunch was perfect for the job.

Is it time to go back to bed yet?

51 thoughts on “Bed

  1. Ugh. Sounds like one of those days. I have had the “look to the clock every hour before you need to really get up” for the past two nights too. What is up with that?

    I switched back to coffee a few weeks ago. What is a little indulgence here and there? I say go for it. Here’s hoping things turn around for you a tad and a better evening is ahead!

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  2. I’ll take your post and bet this: I woke to 7F, dark, snowing, sidewalks have been not cleared for 3 days, so no scooting to take two bags of trash, get mail or pkg Amazon left at the complex office instead of my door. I don’t have pets thank goodness or I couldn’t get them out to walk them. I do have the luxury of going back to bed. Have a better afternoon!

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  3. That is hilarious if you happen to be callous, unfeeling and sitting at home basking in solitude and catlessness. I am all those things and am consequently typing this with a big grin on my face. You will look back on that day and smile yourself one day. Meanwhile, I hope things start to go right.

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  4. You’re so hard core foregoing the caffeinated brew. Good job Superdad: on that and the post. Stay out of the rain! β˜‚οΈ

    It’s sort of slushing snowing here today. Not cold enough for the fluffy white stuff. πŸŒ¨β„β˜ƒοΈ

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  5. So why did you give up caffeine a year ago? Was it for health reasons? I don’t know, Gary. I couldn’t do the parenting/work/homemaker thing without caffeine…lots and lots of it. Xx

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  6. Oh, NOOO! I totally hate those days!
    I hope that since it’s after 9pm in Yorkshire as I type this after 1pm in SoCal, that you are warm and cozy in your bed, having eaten some choco choco for sweet dreams, and that you’re rattling the windows with your snoring πŸ€žπŸ˜‰πŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’ŒπŸ’Œ

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  7. Well, that is a day. I like that a mean evil cup of coffee. I believe we could all use a little of the man of steel strength. I have to tell you. I have been on this weird superman, hero etc.. movie coaster for the past couple of weeks. And found another Superman, I believe. It’s called the beginning of Superman. Hmm may have to check that title, but it was enjoyable to watch.😊

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