It’s been that kind of day….

Children and parents should always be ultimately allowed to decide on what’s best for their families. On most issues there will be no right or wrong choice. Just different takes on life. More than ever that should apply in a pandemic.

Currently there is a bit of a Government backed media campaign to get as many pupils back into school as soon as they reopen. Lots of photos of modern, spaced, half empty classrooms. Loads of social distancing. Parents being interviewed telling a tales of homeschooling nightmares. Interviews with pupils demanding schools open now. Government MPs labelling teacher unions and those expressing concerns as left wing and unpatriotic. Government ministers and the PM repeatedly saying that schools are ‘completely’ safe. Children will only get minor symptoms. Soon millions of the older groups will be vaccinated. Alternative opinions hardly voiced in the mainstream media.

Everybody wants schools to open. Open safely…

But ultimately the decision for an individual child to go back surely has to be with that child and parents. Not the PM who has such a problem telling the truth and has been wrong on virtually every big call over the last year. So pleased just be open with us. Trust us to do the right thing.

So schools are ‘completely’ safe….. Children will get minor symptoms……

Today a few media outlets are covering a story that up to 100 children a week in the UK are being hospitalised with a disease (PIMS) that can occur after a Covid infection, leaving them in intensive care.

A quick look at the hospital admissions for England show currently about 4500 children with general covid symptoms have had to be hospitalised.

So families should be presented with the real facts and encouraged to make the right call for them. Some will elect to continue with homeschooling which will free up much needed classroom space. Our classrooms are often outdated and crammed full. Surely if enhanced homeschooling resources are provided then it’s a win win for everyone. What is the problem with being open with the public…

46 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. Ok, this is weird, but doesn’t this water that is surrounded by grass look like the exact shape as the post you published a few days ago but it had snow and ice all around it? I think it was a COVID what they say versus what we see being different post.

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  2. I am feeling increasingly saddened but the lack of openness and honesty in so many leaders … both at a political and national level and also within my one personal, working life. Too many individuals with hidden agendas and no compassion for others. I actually feel quite sick with it all.

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  3. Gary, please be careful what you say. Your words are not reflecting what you want to be saying. Especially when it comes to parents, the way you worded you statement gives parents the opportunity to lock their kids away from society if that is what they choose to do, or to take their children into cults where the children are abused by the adults.
    No, the parents cannot have total control of how they want their kids to live.
    Be careful what you give to some people, their kids, and you, might live to regret it.

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  4. Political leaders with their own agendas… helping themselves and their friends instead of being public servants.
    Education should be available to all children. There should be a variety of ways to access that education. One size does NOT fit all!

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  5. It certainly should be left open with child and parent. Homeschooling option, or in school option. Especially with this situation.
    I am so glad I am not a parent, as this would so stress me out and cause anxiety, because of knowing how cramped schools are.

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  6. They are trying to force our kids back in as well. We have to commit this semester. Before our older kids could go in two days a week or just school from home if they weren’t comfortable. Now they HAVE to go in their two days. D goes in four days and needs those four days, so I have no qualms there. I have no idea what the last marking period will look like or even next fall. These are crazy times.

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  7. Will a politician ever tell the truth? Maybe it’s just the truth as they see it, or choose to see it. Ultimately it seems to me your child is YOUR responsibility otherwise what makes Britain different to China?

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    1. {{{LAUGHING}}} ~ at the thought that anyone thinks a politician will tell the truth.
      If I can recall just one hard to swallow moment (recorded in the minutes of parliament) as a discussion JUST before they took a vote to cull UK badgers 🦡🦡🦡🦡 where Simon Hart MP lied through his teeth to swing the vote in favour of it 🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡 and now at least 100,000 badgers have been murdered since 2013 🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡🦡 and it is still on going.

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      1. In all “Honesty”, you know that thing where you click the * Like (and I’ve said unless otherwise take it for granted I “Like” your posts. Well BABASP, why don’t I see your icon to say you’ve “Liked” my About? Mmm? Mmmm? Why is that then? {{{giggles}}}

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  8. Same situation here in Ireland. Media focussing on the “horror” stories of SEN kids “missing out” on school. And ignore the kids who are thriving with homeschooling. And the ones who are too medically vulnerable to go back just yet.

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