The return of the white stuff. Not much but it does so change the mood of the landscape.

Looking across the farm land to the distant hills it kind of made it seem like we were miles from civilisation. Ok if I turned round I would see the other village houses – but you know what I mean. It certainly felt that way this weekend. Apart from Hawklad I didn’t see another soul. No one on the single village road. No one in the fields. Splendid isolation.

It’s odd how isolation can have such differing impacts on me. Somedays it feels like solitary confinement. A poison chalice. Suffocating. Completely draining on my soul. Too much time to overthink my life. Missing physical company.

Yet other times it’s so different. Much more positive. Reassuring. Safe. Peaceful. Uplifting. A time to think positively. At ease with isolation.

What was the mood today. It was definitely more the latter. Part of me did want to break out and experience being physically amongst civilisation again. But outweighing this was the need to be as far away as possible from the reality of living in England these days. Shutting the door on some of my fellow citizens. A small minded, bigoted, self centred, corrupt, lying, racist, moronic, elitist and throughly shambolic group of numpties as you would ever be unfortunate to bump into – and that’s just the Government. 40% of voters would still vote for them. That thought is staggering and deeply unsettling.

So looking over the deserted snowy fields today felt unusually reassuring. Seemingly so far from the growing madness. Yes definitely splendid isolation.

38 thoughts on “Splendid

  1. Yeah… Biden won, but a whole lot of misinformed or bigoted people voted for 4 more years of what we had. It’s a scary thought.
    Being far, far away from the bonkers things some people get up to is a wonderful thing.
    And your view is stunning! Even when it makes me cold just *looking* at it.
    We got this! 💌💌💌

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    1. I guess you live too far south to appreciate Canadian winter weather. Glad we finally have 20 cm of snow on the ground and minus 12 C. (That translates into 8 inches and 5 degrees F)
      I need a cold winter to better enjoy the next summer. 😉

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      1. Yikes! No thanks. I’m very far south, near the Mexican border. I’ve been to Canada, Sault St Marie, Ontario to be exact, in the summer to visit my ex’s family. It was nice out at “camp” on the lake, but too humid in town.
        I’m a spoiled SoCal girl😂😂

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  2. When I look it up, I have lived through 12 Prime Ministers. The split is approximately 60:40 and I have not noticed one side doing any better than the other. There have been good bits and bad bits with both sides and they all talk a good game in Opposition.

    Your description “small minded, bigoted, self centred, corrupt, lying, racist, moronic, elitist and thoroughly shambolic group of numpties” applies to both sides in varying degrees and, if anything, lets them off lightly.

    I am a lot happier now that I have stopped taking politics seriously and now vote Green. They are the only politicians that deserve encouragement.

    Sorry to get serious, maybe I should just have stuck to “Nice clouds.” 🙂

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  3. What is it about snow? 😊 We’ve experienced a few blizzards that have about done me in, but usually, like you snow puts a smile on my face and makes me hopeful. By the way, that’s quite a string of adjectives to describe the “numpties” on your side of the globe. I know you were sharing frustration, but it made me smile.

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  4. The snow does change the scenery. But yet it still looks so peaceful. Understand the different moods with isolation. Yes many people are just not to trust or even understand. I wouldn’t even try to. Take care of you and your son. and keep moving forward. Most of all smile and enjoy the beautiful moments that come😊

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  5. I can certainly identify. Yesterday ABC news had a feed to FB about Trump and what percentage of Americans feel he should be convicted…I think I saw 53%. Out of interest, I decided to read some of the comments. It is astounding how many people still think he was the best president ever etc etc. How can people be soooo deluded? It’ scary. Are they from another planet perhaps?

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