The thaw has set in. No more snowy sun roses this week, maybe not until next winter.

I wrote a few hours ago about how I was missing the snow when it’s gone. You only really miss those things that are special to you.

There’s a difference between missing something and worrying about something. The disappearing snow is also worrying me a little. During the national lockdown the snow helped create an impression of a really small available world. What we can see and touch is all that is available. We are not missing out on much.

But is the thawing snow a symbol of change?

Some Governments are keen to reopen and relax restrictions. Is that way too soon. Who knows. But the message that it will be soon open for everyone misses the point. It’s not going to be open for everyone. Anxieties and Fears don’t get fixed overnight. The vaccinations won’t have reached many people including the kids. Many will only have had one shot. We have rapidly changing mutations. Some will continue to wear masks others will ditch them.

The works will open for some.

For us the lockdown will continue. In a few months I will have had one of the two vaccine shots. So I will be partly covered but that’s not the point. Hawklad’s fears are actually rising. He knows that I and other vaccinated people can still pass the virus onto him. He knows that he won’t be getting and vaccine protection. He can see that children can get covid and the more severe long covid. He is fully aware of the associated serious disease that is affecting some children. He can knows that some people will drop their guard. Basically his fears are not going away. So our lockdown will continue.

So the disappearing snow kind of symbolises something else. A world is out there. It is opening again but not for us. It’s not a small available world anymore. It’s a big world again but one that we are locked out of. Beyond our reach. That worries me and makes me sad.

Sad to see the snow go.

But then another thought. A better thought. Other people, other families can hopefully start to enjoy these places again. To have adventures. Other young ones can have holidays again. Have more fun. Can be safe doing that. Memories can be born.

Maybe the snow going is a good thing.

37 thoughts on “Worry about it

  1. I am sorry that it makes you sad seeing the snow go away. But yes, it is a sign of change for sure. And just think of spring, when nature awakens. That is a change that won’t miss making your heart shine a bit brighter.

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  2. Your photos are very special. We still have deep snow here. This morning all was cased in ice, now melting only to refreeze tonight and then more snow. I just take pictures and a day at a time. I know it’s terribly hard for you. Any chance they would consider allowing the lad to be vaccinated? Surely there must be exceptions? I hope so.

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  3. Hawklad is representative of all children who are not going to get the vaccine–they are being told they are unimportant, expendable. What kind of a message does this send to them?
    Kids can get vaccinated against all kinds of diseases nowadays, so why not Covid? How can a parent explain that to them. “You aren’t old enough to vote yet, Son, so BoJo the Clown (change the name to include the leader of your nation) does not care if you live or die. By the time you become old enough to vote he will be long gone. Your future means nothing to him!”
    Yup, I can see parents having this talk with their children all over England, all over the world. Their generation will not be as sheepish as the last number of generations has been. They will have a bone to pick, and I hope they do a good job of it. Where now we have one Great Thunder, in 10 years there will be a hundred million Greta’s. They will get things done!

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    1. I heard someone in the government just say that the beaches should be open for everyone to enjoy again in the Summer because the important groups will have been offered at least one of the two shots. When asked about younger age groups he said they are no plans to vaccinate them as ‘fewer’ get sick from it.


  4. Another stunning photo! Maybe another plus of things opening will be Hawklad’s nurse coming back to work with him. I don’t think they are vaccinating kids here either.
    When enough parents see their children in hospital, that will change. Hopefully it won’t take too many more children getting seriously ill before it changes.💌💌💌

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  5. It takes a lot of courage and selflessness to be happy for others. Again, you rise to heights others with far less problems fail at.
    Still, your words make me so sad. Will it ever ease up for him, my heart asks the Author of that stunning sky.

    I don’t hear a reply, Gary, but in a second look at that sky, I sense a presence. Someone’s there. Someone’s watching over you.

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