Apparently there is a world out there somewhere.

The snow is now a distant memory. The last bit to cling on was this random block of ice. The last part of the snowman. Snowman to Snow Bunny.

It’s been one of those weeks so far. A week off from school. In other years a week of trips to the Zoo and the Seaside. Maybe a wander in the Hills or Moors. Not this year. Not last year.

A week at home….

Which kinda makes it like every other week. Ok no school at home but it feels the same. Get up early and do my exercise. Make breakfast for Hawklad. Do housework. Do the wash. Change the bedding. Make food. Go out in the garden a few times. Fighting with the cable signal. Watch Disney Plus. Feel bad about not reading so squeeze in a chapter. Go to bed. Seemingly not doing much yet wondering where the days have gone.


Thankfully connecting with friends. Friends are able to break the Groundhog Hog sensation for a while. That is so important these strange days.

54 thoughts on “Snow Bunny

  1. Wow, that does look like a bunny! Nice catch! We are about to get another 6-11 inches of snow tomorrow. Quite a range but I guess it sums up as “a lot.” That should keep us busy for a bit, but you are right. It is something different. Here’s hoping you guys have a great day tomorrow that has something special about it!

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    1. Sorry about the snow. I only wished the frigid weather to go somewhere else. I thought 3 weeks of freezing cold weather was getting to be too much. But when I said go south, I was just talking Calgary, not all the way down to Texws. And I certainly not mean for it to spread to the east coast. My sincerest apologies, Valerie.

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  2. I am glad your friends are making your days a bit brighter, Gary. It is difficult and the last weeks before spring does show up are the hardest anyway… most of all now during this pandemic. Sending you huge friends’ hugs!

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