Too wet for a photo today so let’s go back a year.

First true fully open school day. First day with classroom teaching and Hawklad at home. It’s been one of those days….

In the First lesson one brief document was shared by the teaching staff on the online system. That kept Hawklad going for about 10 minutes in a 90 minute lesson. Second lesson absolutely nothing was shared. No communication. Basically complete radio silence. The third lesson was again a complete blank. Nothing. Thankfully the final lesson had some of the teaching materials shared.

On the same day I heard someone representing the Government say that online support should be limited to encourage all children back into the classroom. Well the schools seem to be doing as they are told…..

37 thoughts on “Support

  1. That is so incredibly frustrating!! So ignorant to the needs of all the students. Tonight, our school district is meeting on whether or not to have kids come back for a full five days IF THEY WANT TO. If not, zoom will still be an option – all they ask is for the parents to choose one or the other. That alone is a debate that is causing a lot of parents grief as many like the hybrid model. There is no clear-cut choice right now for a lot of people. Confusing times but every child needs to be taught!

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  2. My 10p worth:
    Obviously the teachers cannot cope, they cannot juggle doing what they know and adding a whole other thing on top. Kids scared in the room, stuff to teach and on top of that being asked to do online teaching at the same time. It seems the government have given them a loophole. So, I’ve said it before, go official “Home School” and get the support of the local group. No idea where it will take Hawklad, but that the pressure will be off both of you.

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  3. Sigh. Maddening. I echo the thoughts on homeschool. I know that is likely what I’d be doing were I to encounter such a bungled mess. Continued prayers.

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  4. It makes no sense why a teacher can’t put up electronic info to all their students and have a camera on them while teaching some in a classroom at the same time. I’m sure most if not all lesson prep is done on computer these days regardless. I’m sorry Hawklad seems to be getting the short shrift.

    Our schools are too crowded without Covid and don’t have enough teachers. They physically can’t maintain social distance. And kids can’t be vaccinated at this point. I think they’re doing a combo of at-home and in-person in my area.

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