It’s early Sunday morning here in Yorkshire so it must be time for our weekly trip to a stunning alpine paradise. Yes let’s go to Switzerland.

While looking at photos for today’s virtual trip I suddenly recalled a wonderful family memory. We had just had a weeks holiday based in Spiez. One night our 6 year old had asked what Daddies drink tasted like. A small spoonful of lager confirmed to the 6 year old that his time was better spent guarding his Diet Coke bottle. A couple of days later it was time to go home. At Zurich Airport we approached airport security control. When the uniformed official asked if we had anything to declare the helpful 6 year old immediately pointed out “Yes, my Dad lets me drink beer”.

I’m not sure how I ever got through that checkpoint in one piece.

Ok it’s about time this bad Dad shuts up and let’s you get on with looking at Switzerland. A dream land.

46 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Gorgeous skies, breath-taking water, magical rainbow 🌈… do the people who live there know how lucky they are?
    I love Swiss Sunday on Saturday Night!! That last picture is a favorite😆
    Hawklad’s “declaration” might’ve raised an eyebrow in Switzerland, but if you’d been in Germany I bet you’d have been congratulated!🤣
    I don’t know of a parent that hadn’t let their child try a sip… usually with the same reaction😉
    Thanks for making Saturday Nights so awesome!💌💌💌

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  2. Hehehe, the honesty of children eh? Swiss customs officers don’t have a sense of humour – I only narrowly avoided having a Christmas Pudding confiscated once.
    Lovely ‘breath of fresh air photos’ – what I think we all needed this morning – especially the last one. Too cute 🙂

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  3. wonderful pics, as always. Don’t kids say the most wonderful things? Long ago we were seeing off a relative at the airport and passed time having a drink As my aunt discreetly attempted to get the fruit out of her cocktail, a little boy’s head popped up from behind the sofa and said in a loud, British voice “Are you trying to get your cherry?”

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  4. Dear Sir, I am so sorry about the loss of your partner. I pray that you would be fully compensated by God for this loss very soon.
    Thanks for the heavenly pictures of Switzerland. Can I give you one ounce of advice about your post about Switzerland. It was so great to read but when I came to the last picture – of your son, I presume – it would be great if you had inserted a caption with the photo; i.e you don’t need to type his name if you don’t want to – just something like, “My son in rain which looks like Yorkshire rain!”


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