It’s Sunday here in Yorkshire so it must be time to dream. To dream of being in one of the most beautiful countries on our wonderful planet. Time to dream Swiss dreams. Yes time to dream big.

Yes it’s been 5 years since I was last there. Life has happened. At present getting back to Switzerland seems a distant prospect. So many roadblocks. So many complications. But alpine heaven is still there.

That’s the thing about dreams. Yes they may often seem just like pipe dreams. Impossible. But that doesn’t make them any less precious. Any less loved. AND you just never know. Tomorrow is another day. Life can change in an instant. There is usually always a chance. There is always hope. We will dream. Dream big.

33 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I hope that you’re doing your dreaming as you 💤😴

    Here in SoCal it’s still early evening and the perfect time for Swiss Sunday On Saturday Night🥳💫🎶💃🏼✨

    The face on the poster, or in the window on the left side of the Hotel Savoy kinda tripped me out, but WOW! That’s a shade of green we don’t see here. And the red clouds over the marina… stunning!

    Switzerland will wait for you. Keep dreaming until you make it a reality! Thank you for filling my heart with your photos, precious memories!

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  2. You say it, Gary, life can change in an instant and we never know when that happens. So, we really need to enjoy the moment, enjoy life, and not postpone anything. That way we can at least build the most beautiful memories no one can ever take away anymore 💖

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  3. Beautiful pictures as always, dear friend. And, as long as Switzerland is still there, as long as you are still breathing, there is hope that you will return someday. Never stop believing in ‘someday’. xx

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