It’s early Sunday morning so it must be time for our weekly virtual trip to beautiful Switzerland. As a family we haven’t been able to visit this alpine wonderland since 2015. It was a very different world back then for us. A very different world for many of us.

What hasn’t changed is that we have places of staggering beauty and perfection. Places which should provide joy for generations to come. That’s as long as we protect and cherish our world.

Places like this stunning glacier. A glacier which is predicted to have completely disappeared by the end of the century. Another victim of climate change.

Let’s hope that we act in time. Act to save what is so precious. So countless generations can live in awe of places like Switzerland.

57 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Thank you, Gary! I really needed Swiss Sunday on this Saturday Night!

    I like to magnify the pictures… it really gives me an idea of the immense grandeur of the Alps to see how small the houses and trees are in comparison.

    Meadows full of flowers, the crystal clear water, the vastness of the sky… I bet the stars really shine at night too.


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  2. Recently, I read an article about Swiss glaciers. It was s bit shocking since it said that they cannot be saved. I hope there is still a chance, but therefore the whole world needs to act immediately.

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  3. Such a beautiful and special place! I always did wonder if I could ever do the hand gliding like the person in one of your photos. I bet it’d offer a different perspective on the Swiss Alps!

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      1. Thank you. Switzerland is on my wish list to visit again when my son is older. The long plane ride from Canada will be a torture at this age. 🙂 I’ll be sure to pick your brain in a few years!

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      2. I agree. We were there for three short days in 2010, after a week in London. And those mountains and alps are tattooed in my memory forever. Absolutely stunning and can’t wait to go back one day. Your weekly posts are appreciated!

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  4. I hope so too, Gary. We still have a beautiful planet, but in my lifetime it has changed beyond recognition.We need more people to care. Your photographs are a big help. Thank you.

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  5. So so beautiful, my friend! I love the breathtaking views, but my favourite is seeing the houses, cabins, bungalows dotting the hillsides … so peaceful. I could hibernate there forever, I think. Thanks so much for sharing this beauty with us all!

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