It’s Sunday here in Yorkshire. It must be time for our weekly virtual trip to one of our planets special places. Time for a bit of Switzerland,

Switzerland has been so good to our family over the years. Now tbat family is much smaller. But still that connection with Switzerland continues. We shall patiently wait for a return.

Sometimes the very best of dreams are seemingly far away. But that doesn’t make them any less special. Dreams can come true. There is always hope.

61 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Take heart…. Did I not dream/wish one day, looking out the kitchen window, of anice obliging set of tree fellers–now people who cut trees before you think anything else here– turning up and removing our maple tree, without the necessary conservation area paperwork. So even better I could replace it with a nice Japanese SMALL cherry. But alas, not only are we in the hands of Dundee City Council but tree fellers in whose interest it is to keep ripping folks off every year for a ‘trim.’
        ANd lo, did the very next day sucha company not arrive to cut the neighbours’ monstrously out of hand plane tree, and offer to have a look at ours…. And was not that tree pronounced rotten and did I ask any questions and get any lies told? No. And did the council having come round after the event and been put off the doorstep, (what no mask, I aks you, in the middle of a pandemic….???) not say a small Japanese cherry should be put in its place? Yes.
        So there you go.
        / (Before anyone thinks this was pure vandalism, let me say now, this tree had taken over the garden, the roots were not just everywhere, they had sunk the grass into trenches, grass covered in pigeon mess cos there were nests there, it was leaning, towards our extension roof. The whole thing here is that’s NOT conservation, it’s stupidity.)

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      2. Aw… it is not nice today here again. I did become the masked avenger that day! I wasn’t brought up where I was brought up not to be able to do a very good on the spot deal financially either in terms of getting rid of it for good as opposed to forking out a fortune every second year to get it ‘trimmed’. That’s before I get to the fortune that is run up every day for 8 weeks using the leaf blower. Truly the trees here are beyond a joke and the other thing??? The council don’t seem to know the proper laws on conservation and trees..down to tree types. But everyone runs about in fear of them.,… can’t this, can’t that. Our new downstairs neighbour dutifully applied to take down this cypress that was beyond belief and was refused, They had gone on google earth and looked and it looked fine. SO I said to her just you get back and point out that maybe it was at least 15 years ago when that pic was clearly taken given the ‘vintage’ of the cars on it. Either you want someone out now and with the pandemic they are not leaving their desks, or permission, or you’re taking legal action. She got permission by return. She was putting in a car parking bay and as it was it was, work had to stop several times cos of the terrible mess and mass of roots. you should have seen it. And all where electric cables and gas pipes were too.

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  1. I am only about what … four days late??? Sigh. Been a rough time and though I may be late, I really need Switzerland today! I always love the pictures of the little villages, the cabins nestled in the valleys, but I think the ones that do the most to lift my spirit are the snow-covered mountains. Most days I think I was a mistake, that I wasn’t meant to be a human, but rather a wolf or a goat on the Alpine slopes! Thank you, my friend, for bringing a smile to my face and a hope to my heart. Hugs xx

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