The morning has broken here. It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to beautiful Switzerland. A place we haven’t been able to visit since 2015 but which means so much to our little family.

WE will return.

But this morning why don’t you join me in spending a few moments remembering why we fell in love with Switzerland.

86 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday.

  1. Thank you for sharing. the views are wonderful. Now, here’s a challenge for you: Recall the other senses e.g. What flowers did you sniff? Did you hear bells, echos or the wonderous silence of the mountains? What did you eat? I’m asking this as I’m sat here with a present from a client called Basler Läckerli and it is the weirdest freakin’ taste. It’s a bit like squares of squished, dried-up, slightly chewy, cinnamon laden stollen. I’m really not enjoying it! and seriously tempted to send you some. 📦

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      1. I’m getting a bit if a taste for Basler Läckerli now as it’s growing on me, with nuts in it and considering the saying “You are what you eat”. 🥜 Oh nuts! 🥜 🤪

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      2. I looked on ebay and there’s all sorts of cuckoo clocks 🕰 out there. Basel is available too. Thing is Beloved, if someone can make things, we can too. I might try to make Basel now I like it, but wow on youtube I actually found all sorts of DIY clock things that you and Hawklad might want as a project. I recall being given a pony and cart by a friend on Graemsay, who went to London to learn how to make violins (because he wanted to know). It’s all out there and inside.

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      1. We have book ed for prague next year. It was a too good to let slip offer. As for Glencoe?? Well, not until I can walk into the Boots Bar and the live music is properly back on. None of this, two musicians behind screens, only allowed to sing songs nobody knows, stuff.

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      2. Lol, THAT would be brill. We even liked the fact that the wee travel agent down the road was that desperate for biz we get to pay this up. We just felt it was something to hold on to in a way. We were meant to go last year but obvi never got. And yeah, we hope to get to Glencoe but talking prices, it don’t come cheap. so just waiting till things ease.

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  2. Majestic mountains and beautiful child. Here in the US, there is an on-going, often heated, argument over which is the better place to vacation: Mountains vs. Sea. (often the source of family feuds!) I have always preferred the ocean which gives me a sense of limitless freedom. Some mountains have made me feel hemmed in, slightly oppressed. Your pictures are changing my outlook. Switzerland now on the bucket list. Your son has a million dollar smile, by the way.

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