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Why do so many movies have to feature serious illnesses and sad deaths. I know it’s art replicating real life BUT it’s a pain in the backside when you have a son who is fighting fears and phobias about health. A son who has lost his mum to illness.

Even in children’s movies and cartoons….

Even in comedy shows like The Office.

Here’s an idea. Keep the movies as they are but have a separate movie channel. The SAFE CHANNEL. On this channel only safe movies. No illness, no death, no drugs, no broken families. No need to constantly be on edge at the slightest on screen sneeze or pale look.

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  1. You’re so right, and one sees these things when one is really looking. I am on guard when my grandson is watching a movie and the father is a super loving one, involved in the life of children. Since his own father is a s@&$£#g I don’t want him to feel the loss. But I cannot screen all the movies.

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  2. I agree. There’s already so much pain, grief and death in life, why must we watch (or read) the same perils in our escape(s)? I suppose directors and writers want to mimic real life. I do not fault them for it, but sometimes we watch movies or read books to get away from it all, not subject ourselves to different versions of our pain and grief.

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  3. Not exactly a movie.but I said no more 24 Hours In A & E last night. Having said goodbye to my Dad in hospital, I just can’t watch people go through the pain and loss like I did. Being there for someone is one thing, but I don’t need those reminders on my screen before I try and sleep. I’m sorry. If it helps, my husband lost his mother to sepsis and he grew up to be a mighty fine man. Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll do him proud, I’m sure 🙂

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