It’s Sunday morning so it must be time for our weekly trip to one of our planets special places. A place of staggering landscapes and much sort out peace. It’s time for a photo trip to Switzerland.

We went to Switzerland so many times because it feels like a country where adventures are all around you. So much to do and see. Yet all done at a pace which is just slower than the mad rush that plagues modern life.

I so need adventures. I so need to breathe. I so want to go back to Switzerland.

27 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Thank you for making my Saturday Night awesome with your Swiss Sunday!
    I saved it til right before bedtime week… maybe I can dream a visit. It definitely looks like a dream land.

    I can’t wait til you post NEW pictures from Switzerland. Keeping my fingers crossed for Spring 2022🤞… you, Hawklad, and a big first aid kit😉🤣


      1. I understand you so well. I see that your longing to come here is very strong and I am very sure, that it will be happening again in a not too far away future. It is great to see that Hawklad wants to come too. It will happen 💖


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