It’s Sunday so it must be time for our weekly virtual trip to alpine heaven. To stunning Switzerland.

In honour of Switzerland’s heroic efforts in the major European Football tournament let’s recall a trip to Switzerland which ended with watching a beach football international. Yes that’s Switzerland which is about 100 miles away from the nearest sea beach. But a beach was put down and stands erected. A three day celebration of beach soccer with music and much fun. Culminating in a televised international between Switzerland and Germany.

Even football is better in Switzerland.

Best long range shot of the tournament. The paraglider set off from the top of this mountain and landed a few minutes later on the football pitch.

30 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. Yes, I can understand their disappointment so well, when you are that close to such a sensation!
        So, another realition between Switzerland and England for you!


  1. Oh yes!! Perfect… a beach AND the mountains… my favorite things together. It’s like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup😂

    That water always amazes me with its clarity. Stunning! I missed my Saturday Night Swiss Sunday, but that’s okay… I needed it more after some Sunday morning drama.

    Thank you, as always for he awesome escape!💌💌💌


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