It’s just about Sunday. Surely it’s time to spend a few moments remembering some wonderful family visits to one the best places on our planet. A place of stunning mountain landscapes, peace and wonders. It’s time for Switzerland.

Three generations of family holidays to this little bit of alpine heaven on earth. But now it’s all changed. The family is much smaller and less mobile. That family connection now falls on just Hawklad and me.

So we are going through old photos. Imagining again what it’s like to spend time in Switzerland. The sights, the sounds, the tranquility. We will find a way to make it back. We want to. We need to. It’s now in our family DNA.

30 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Yes well Boys, you pop off and have your adventures (gliding 🪂 climbing 🧗‍♀️ and ⛵️ sailing) and Aunty will sit here peacefully with the bags and drink some tea from the flask, knitting 🧶 scarfs and blankets. You are not alone, well unless you want to be, then Aunty will sit here peacefully with the bags…

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  2. I would want to go back there too! Spectacular views! I was just thinking how awesome it must be to go on a hang glider over the mountain tops. Can you imagine the views from up there? It blows my mind just thinking about it. Unfortunately we are well and truly grounded. Hubby’s dialysis means we cannot travel easily and if we do careful planning would be necessary as his treatments would have to be arranged. Yet hope springs eternal. For now I thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and reminding us what a beautiful planet this truly is.

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  3. I missed my Saturday Night visit, so I’m doing it proper this week😉
    I always love the water pictures. I want to dip my feet into that clear, probably very cold, water while looking at the mountains.
    Love that last picture😘

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