It’s Sunday so it’s most be our weekly trip to alpine heaven. A place which has provided so many memories to our family. 2015 was the last visit but one day we will return. Return to Switzerland.

Many of our memories are days spent in the mountains. The Alps are one of the wonders of the world but there is so much more to Switzerland. Memories from city trips have been just as special.

Let’s pick one. A day spent in Lucerne. It’s grand architecture, stunning water setting and a 650 year old covered wooden bridge. Can’t wait to be back there. I really can’t.

42 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Thank’s for taking me back to Lucerne, I’ve been there a couple of times. They did a fantastic job with the restauration of the bridge after the fire 1993. I have walked over it before and after the fire.
    And the photo of Hawklad is adorable …


  2. You and Hawklad are people we care about in the blog community, let alone others in the big wide world. So, I think now it could be the right time to place one of those Go-Fund-Me pages up, to help get you and Hawklad to Switzerland, as and when it is safe to do so and Hawklad is ready.


  3. We planned to go to the museum of transport, in Lucerne, with my nephews due to the bad weather yesterday. But guess what, the weather was too bad to get there. They closed all bridges in and around Lucerne due to the high water. The water already touched that wooden bridge.


      1. Absolutely! At least in Austria and over here the rainfall stopped and we may even have some sunny days ahead. But some rivers in Austria still carry water from other areas where the weather is still bad. So, let’s hope that there is enougt time for the water level to drop before the next (longer) bad weather front arrives.


  4. So beautiful! I can certainly see why you want to return! It’s at the top of my list for places I’d love to see someday (but likely never will). I keep my fingers crossed that you and Hawklad make it back there soon! Hugs!


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