It’s Sunday. On Sunday’s my mind wanders to a special land. A place of many family holidays. Of epic mountains, beautiful lakes and peaceful valleys. Walks across wild flower meadows. A place of awe and adventures. But also a place to recharge and find yourself again. Time to visit Switzerland. Time to dream big.

29 thoughts on “Swiss Saturday

  1. Nature cannot be beat by the creations of humans. The skyscrapers, the modern architecture, even the beautiful architecture from the days long forgotten cannot compete with Mother Nature, and there is no place on earth where Mother Nature’s splendor is more on display than Switzerland. I do so hope that you and Hawklad can return there someday. I won’t ever likely make it in person, but I can be there in my dreams. Thanks for the beautiful trip to such a gorgeous place. ☕☕


      1. Some will be able to, but here in the U.S. … I’m not so sure. 😥 I will email you this week about the coffee … I promise! I’ve been … depressed and so far behind on everything … but we will figure this out!


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