On its own.

So the Government has started recruiting for Attendance Advisers who will be paid £500 per day to chase up children who are not at school due to Covid. The line is that schools are perfectly safe. Crossing the road is more dangerous than Covid….. Covid is now a ‘virus we just have to live with’. Parents will be taken to court if they refuse to send their children back to the classroom.

Hawklad will go back to school when HE is ready. It will be HIS decision. It will NOT be down to some pompous idiot with a horsewhip on his desk whose only motivation is his own self interest. If Hawklad decides not to go back in September then I have a medical exemption note and I will happily see the Government in Court.

39 thoughts on “September

  1. I am so sorry to hear that your government is investing more in punishing your son for not conforming than it is in making sure he is safe and accommodated… The world can be so broken sometimes. Good for you, though! You absolutely should stand up for the health, happiness, and success of yourself and your Hawklad!

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  2. As idiotic as the moron in Florida who is planning to withhold teachers pay and funding for schools that mandate masks as a priority to ensure the safety of the children. Shaking my head at the appalling lack of understand that these douchebags have. (I would use saltier words but I know I can be a little offensive) 🙂

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  3. Sounds like your government is really, really good at wasting money. I wonder does it occur to them that spending 500 pounds per child chasers perhaps it might be wise to invest in ways to make learning better for every child in or out of the classroom.

    Stick by your guns, Gary, this is so ridiculous that it makes me wonder what’s next? OMG so ridiculous!


  4. I was once rung by someone who introduced themselves as an “attendance officer”. My first thought was that I was going to be taking severe action with one of the kids. Turns out they were ringing about me.

    I’d applied for a course to become a Teaching Assistant but hadn’t liked the look of the rest of the class (mainly teenage girls who were being offered help with their literacy) and hadn’t liked it when I was told my O Levels (which pre-dated GCSEs) wouldn’t be good enough. So I didn’t accept the place.

    As if to confirm my opinion that the college couldn’t organise a party in a brewery they still booked me down for it and then reported me for truancy!

    Absolutely amazed that the economy is on its knees and we can still find £500 a day to pay jobsworths to bully people.

    As you can tell, it still presses my buttons.

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