It’s very early Sunday morning here in Yorkshire. I’m dreaming. I’m dreaming big.

This week I was going through some old boxes that I had stored away when I cleaned mums house out. Looking for some old papers but I quickly got sidetracked. I found an old postcard. Wow, remember them….. It was one I had sent to my mum from my first trip to Switzerland. Many years ago. Pre parenting times. If I remember right it was sent on the first afternoon of the holiday. I used to write quite big as my handwriting is pretty poor. Not ideal with a small postcard. I struggled to fit mums address in the right half of the card. The first few words read of the message read.

“Hi Mum. Here safe. Switzerland is EPIC. I have never seen a land this beautiful, this magical, this perfect.”

Those words say it all. Switzerland is that good.

33 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Yes, I well remember post cards and the challenge of writing in a very limited space – somewhat like the character limitations of Twitter. LOL

    The photos are absolutely beautiful. Keep dreaming big. I’m a firm believer in what we think about we bring about. Why not bring about beauty, peace, and well-being, which I’m sure you find no matter where you are and in Switzerland especially. x

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  2. My mom is in Switzerland right now. But instead of traveling to see the land, she’s lying in a hospital bed. She fell and broke her hip. 😦

    She did get to see Appenzell, and the city of St. Gallen. I have some wonderful pictures she shared with me. (It’s her home country, she grew up there, so it’s not like the vacation is completely ruined being that she is familiar with many places in that country; but it is unfortunate that her plans to visit places she had not seen in her 70+ years are now not going to be visited. Not on this trip.)

    Alas, the Swiss Sunday posts make me want to go there, and each chocolate and cheese. Both of which I have in the house. 😛

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