It’s Sunday here in Yorkshire so it must be time for our weekly trip down memory lane to alpine heaven. It’s time to visit Switzerland. Or should I say water heaven…

For a completely land locked country Switzerland has a lot of rivers and lakes. Boats are just part of the landscape here.

So much water. There are an estimated 7000 lakes here. Even hotel balconies can bring you close to the lake edge.

I’m a climber (‘was’) so I naturally gravitate to the peaks, the mighty Alps. But there is something about spending a relaxing for few hours slowly crossing a peaceful Swiss Lake. The stresses and anxieties of life are quickly forgotten here. What would I give to be there right now.

41 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Enjoy the now with a few memories of the past mixed in. Let today be completely awesome in it’s own way, with attempting to always have something of nature at the fore. Images (can include photos), sound, smells, taste and touch what is of this day/ Then do that again the next day, then the one after that and let the sames and the differences make life admirable.

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  2. I love water, and I love mountains! I especially love Swiss Sunday💃🏼🥳

    I can’t wait until you and Hawklad can go back!! Thank you, as always, for sharing your memories of that Magical place and putting a big ol’ smile on my face! (and apparently making me rhyme😂😂)


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