It’s just turned Sunday here in Yorkshire and I’m dreaming. Dreaming of new adventures, the best ever adventures in a magical land just over 900 miles away. A land of breathtaking views. Epic mountains and deep blue lakes. A land to truly find yourself. It’s Switzerland.

Just maybe those dreams will come true one day.

There is always hope.

40 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. I just *KNEW* I was missing something from my day! It’s still Sunday here in SoCal so I’m very happy to escape to Switzerland! 💃🏼🥳

    I’m kind of afraid to ever go there though… my incurable NEED to take waaaay too many pictures would be out of control!🤪😂😂 Maybe it’s safer if I just visit vicariously through you😉

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  2. When the future is veiled in mist, wonder and adventure awaits. It is lovely to have a dream, to tend to the flame of hope for your loss, yourself and your young lad. It is a sisyphean task, I well know. Strange how 900 miles seems so far to some whereas, here in Canada, 900 is a day trip. All things, of course, are relative. If that’s your son in the last photo, seems a handsome and thoughtful (pondering). Hold fast!

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  3. There are some truly stunning spots off the beaten track in Switzerland. Am a New Zealander living near Zürich. I find the language difficult. The best way to lift my
    Spirits is to take off on a train to … anywhere ☺️

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  4. Yes Swiss German is like a secret language because it is not considered an official language and so not written – just spoken. Is lovely to listen to. I hope you get back here one day – am sure you will!!


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