It’s just turned Sunday here in Yorkshire. That’s a really wet, windy, cold and grim Yorkshire tonight. Wow I’m missing my dreams tonight. So let’s live out a few of those dreams.

It’s been 6 years now since I stood in Switzerland and I so want to be back there. It is the most wonderful country I have ever been to. Hopefully one day I hope you get to see for yourself just how magical it really is.

So let’s take a virtual trip to alpine heaven. Yes sometimes the sun doesn’t even shine there. But even when the weather turns it’s still special. It really is.

47 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

    1. I saw your question and will take the liberty to answer it. It is a called jackdaw and belongs to the family of the corvids. It lives in rocky regions (like alpine regions) and caves.

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  1. So many of my favorite things!!🥳💃🏼Rainbows 🌈 and mountains ⛰ and water🌊 and I even like crows. I have a friend I call Mr Crow who squawks his head off at me just about every day. 😂 He was in my Pecan Tree today.

    You and Hawklad will have to be my guides and show me all the best places for chocolate and cheese if/when I ever get to Switzerland in reality.

    Thank you for being my virtual guide every week!💌💌💌


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