It’s just turned Sunday here in the UK. Whisper it but I would much rather be saying that it’s Sunday her in Switzerland. It’s definitely a land that I would love to live out my dreams. The best of dreams in the best of lands.

Switzerland is a land of lakes, mountains, valleys and alpine meadows. The air is crisp, fresh and pure. It’s healthy. It’s good for you. It has the highest percentage of people over a 100 years old across all of Europe. It has the highest average life expectancy of any country in Europe and it is in the top 4 countries world wide.

Dreams and good for you, YES I wish I was in Switzerland right now.

53 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. The fifth photo down from the top reminds me so much of Gros Morne National Park on Newfoundland’s West coast. In that park a wide fijord winds through the Long Range mountains and it is absolutely gorgeous there.

    I love the photographs. And if you stretch your imagination I bet you could be in Switzerland RIGHT NOW!

    Yes, I know it’s not the same, but it sometimes works for me. 🙂

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  2. I pen pal, and just began pen palling with someone who lives in Switzerland, so pleased to see your photos! I also am very sorry for the loss of you loved one. It was a year the 28th of September, Tom died in 2020. I understand what it was like for me. Changing things up helped me a lot. Best wishes! Pejj

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  3. I think we have to add some details to the dream, so here is my ten penny worth: A five bedroom chalet “Edelweiss” situated a short walk from the main lift in La Tzoumaz. It has loads of room for Captain to run about in, features a living room with a Swedish fireplace, two cellars on the ground floor, two fully renovated bathrooms and a large grass terrace.

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  4. I wish with all my heart that you and Hawklad were in Switzerland right now too!!
    I bet the schools would even be better for Hawklad. No Victorian garbage disguised as “education” and no BoJo… Yes, I wish you were both there!

    Thank you for another stunning virtual trip! It wouldn’t be Sunday without Switzerland. I want cheese and chocolate now🤪😂

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