It’s Sunday here in Yorkshire. It’s wet and windy outside. I so wish I was in Switzerland right now living out my dreams.

It’s a country that I have visited many times (not enough). A perfect setting for family holidays. So many family memories. It’s now been 6 years since the last adventure here. The family is much smaller now but just maybe next year, more memories can be born amongst The Alps. You just never know when those rainbows will bring those pots of gold to your soul again.

35 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

  1. Ooo! Wonderful photos. Loving the rainbows. You’ll get back to Switzerland, mark my words. It’s wet and windy here too. Power went out for 10 hours today (Sat.). Thanks for the pictures.


  2. I don’t remember you posting so many photos of rainbows, Gary! I think my angel is using them to send me a sign of hope! For your sake and for the sake of your precious boy, may you see Switzerland again soon.


  3. YAY!! I love rainbows🌈 🥳💃🏼 Hawklad’s smile is as bright as the Sun… he’s a pot of gold himself, right?😉
    What a fantastic start to a Sunday… I slept an amazing SEVEN hours,, and got to see beautiful Swiss Rainbows!!
    Thank you!


  4. The photographs of the rainbow over the hills are fantastic. It must have been quite something to see! You will visit there again. I know you will, for it holds your heart. Six years is a long time and I feel for you. I just realized this morning that it has been seven years since I moved here and though I’ve been back to Newfoundland a couple of times neither was for pleasure. I am hoping to be able to visit next summer, God willing. I know how it feels to yearn for a place (or a person) that seems out of reach. I pray you will be able to make that longed-for trip to Switzerland next year.


  5. I wonder if someone currently lives in Switzerland and craves living in Yorkshire? To walk the gentle slopes, cycle the roads and enjoy the mystical atmosphere of some of the ruins?


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