It’s just turned Sunday so it must be time for our weekly trip to Alpine Heaven. Trip down memory lane to a country which means so much to our little family. Time to dream about Switzerland.

The last trip was 6 years back. A lot has happened in that time. Lots….. Lets hope the next visit is just round the corner. But until then the memories keep me going.

Like memories from our favourite Swiss base, Spiez. A walk around the Schloss and vineyards. Little known fact, Switzerland makes some mighty fine wine.

But the real memories. Someone mountain climbing. Someone burning off the energy around the Castle Gardens.

Happy Day.

41 thoughts on “Swiss Sunday

      1. I think, I can relate to what you say. It is like I felt when I visited California for the first time. I came back over and over again. We keep that vision up that I will pick you and Hawklad up from the airport one day and show you the area of the eastern part of Switzerland.


  1. Beautiful photos, Gary. Hawklad is a handsome kid! And that farm like property by the water is beautiful. Were those blueberries (or grapes?) in those big barrels?

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